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The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

1276 words - 6 pages

School: | | Subject: | | Teacher: | | Lesson Plan Date(s): | |
| | | | M.Gilbert | | 09/21/15 | |

PRE-PLANNING | OBJECTIVE What will your students be able to learn? | Standard/Benchmark: |
| Determine a theme or central idea and analyze its development through the text including its relationship to the characters, plot and setting and provide an objective summary of the text. | RL.1.2 |
| ASSESSMENT “Begin with the End in Mind”How will you know whether your students have made progress toward the objective? How and when will you assess mastery? |
| By the completion of the 3 squared worksheet. Also, at the end of the 5th chapter they will have to write an ...view middle of the document...

| TIMEApproximate |
| | 10 min BR | 30 min |
| Using as many of these words as possible: war, innocence, friendship, injustice, ignorance and discrimination , write a sentence that explains the central idea from the article and video. | | |
| INTRODUCTION Brief part of the lesson when students learn the objective/essential question and how mastering the objective leads to achieving the bigger goal of the course. * Provide a hook to motivate students and link to prior knowledge in order to introduce a new concept. * Explain the relevance of lesson and the importance of learning the concept. Introduce important vocabulary using the word wall as an interactive learning tool. | 5-10 min |
| Remind them of the elements of a story from last year. Show short power point explaining them. Have a couple of students read their sentence. Introduce the S-Cubed strategy. Explain fiction and fable. | |
| MODELING “I DO” Component of the lesson when teacher explicitly models to students exactly what they are expected to do during guided practice and eventually during independent work. * Conduct a think aloud while modeling the steps to completing an activity or solving a problem. * Model the use of a graphic organizer.Use questioning techniques such as re-directing, wait-time and prompting. | 10-15min |
| Model how to complete the chart. Read the first page of the book explaining the characters and their thoughts and actions. | |
| GUIDED PRACTICE “WE DO” Guide students to independent practice by providing an opportunity to work in small groups and practice what was taught during the modeled portion of the lesson. * Incorporate the use of a collaborative strategy in small groups. Encourage student accountable talk during group discussion.Perform checks for understanding. | 15-25 min |
| We will do through page 2 as a group as I check to make sure they have it. | |
| INDEPENDENT PRACTICE “YOU DO” * Assign students independent work that is directly aligned with the “I Do” and “We Do” portions of the lesson.Circulate around the room to provide individual support | 15-25 min |
| Independently the students will read the rest of the chapter filling out the chart as they go. | |
| DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION * Differentiate your instruction to reach the diversity of learners in your classroom. * Pull small groups or individuals for more intensive support.Conduct Center Rotations | |
| Teacher Directed: | |
| Independent: | |
| Technology: Computers Achieve 3000. Students will work on an article. | |
| CLOSURE * Wrap up the lesson and help students organize the information learned into a meaningful context. * Have students reflect on or answer the Essential Question.Help students connect today’s learning to their bigger goal in the course. | 5Min |
| Discuss with whole class what might be the emerging theme. Exit ticket: On a sticky note write in a word what they think the theme might...

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