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"The Breakfast Club" Character Analysis

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In the movie The Breakfast Club, five seemingly different adolescents are assigned Saturday detention where they learn that although they each fit a particular stereotype, they all have the same characteristics, but they are expressed differently because they have different experiences, strengths and weaknesses that makes them who they are. In the movie, Bender is the “criminal”, Brian is the “brain” and Allison is the “psychopath.” Each of their situations, strengths and weakness are similar to students that are in our classrooms currently or we may have in our classrooms in the future. For each student it is important to understand their learning differences and as a teacher, how I can ...view middle of the document...

Some if not most of Bender’s behavior can be prevented; however, Bender has many strengths, which can be used in the classroom. Some of Bender’s strengths include his perception of social constructs and his leadership ability. In the movie, Bender is able to analyze and vocalize the relationship between his peer’s behavior and their social group and/or home life. This strength could be used in a social studies or science classroom, where analyzing relationships between governments and cultures or habitats and animal behaviors leads students to a greater understanding of how the world works. Bender’s leadership abilities could be used to change the way the school is run by assigning him to a student council position. If he is resistant to joining student council, smaller leadership roles could be assigned within the classroom. For example in group work, Bender could be assigned the judge, editor or the one who organizes and puts all the pieces together. With the assigned role, Bender would need to be given guidance on how a person in this position would behave appropriately.
Unlike Bender, Brian would not need any guidance for proper behavior because he is a “teacher pleaser.” Brian is seen as a “geek,” one who enjoys participating in academic clubs, learning and always follows the rules. Brian’s confidence is linked to his grades, his parent’s perceptions and his peer’s perceptions of him. Because his confidence is linked to his grades in school, he tends to be a perfectionist and when he receives a low-grade in a class, becomes down on himself. The best way to help Brian in my classroom would be to creating assignments that allow risk-taking. This could be done by helping him step outside of his comfort zone, having him present his learning orally, but not attaching a grade to the assignment. This assignment would be done with the purpose of learning for learning’s sake, for the student to learn or produce in an area outside of his comfort area and to promote risk taking. Brian’s essay at the end of the movie is well written, however, when he speaks in front of his peers his train of thought wanders, he rambles and his ideas do not seem to relate to each other. This is the reason I would have Brian present his information...

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