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The Breathing Method By Stephen King Book Report

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Book Report on
“The Breathing Method by Stephen King”
I. Characters

* Adley, Dave – He is the lawyer who is invited by George Waterhouse in a gentleman’s club; He is the narrator of the story
* Adley, Ellen – She is the wife of David Adley
* Andrews, Peter – A lawyer that visited the gentleman’s club; He also told a story at the club
* Carden, Robert – He is the partner of David Adley for over twenty years
* Davidson, Ella – She was the nurse who helped Dr. Emlyn McCarron and Sandra Stansfield
* Effingham - He is the partner of David Adley for over twenty years
* Frasier - He is the partner of David Adley for over twenty years
* Gregson, George – He ...view middle of the document...


* East 58th street – This is the place in New York where David and Ellen Adley lived since 1946.
* 249 East 35th street – This is the place in New York where the “gentleman’s” club is located. Most of the scenes on the story took place in this house. This is where the tales were told.
* New York Public Library – David Adley went there to look for the eleven books written by Edward Gray Seville
* Old Bookshops – This setting was mentioned on the near end because of David Adley looking for the books that the club had. This place is in New York City.
* Harriet White Hospital – This is where Sandra Stansfield visits Dr. Emlyn McCarron for her pregnancy check-up.

III. Summary
The Breathing Method is about a gentleman’s club in 249 East 35th street in New York where different stories were told. The years went by but the people who go in the club don’t look like they’re going older. One night before Christmas, David Adley visited the club again. The day he come to the club, Dr. Emlyn McCarron is the one who is telling a story. He tells a story about an unmarried woman who is pregnant and came to the hospital...

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