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"The Brooklyn Reader," Explain How They Use Descriptive Techniques To Portray Brooklyn. I Compared "Southeast Of The Island: Travel Notes" And "Sunday Dinner In Brooklyn."

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In James Agee's "Southeast of the Island: Travel Notes" and Anatole Broyard's "Sunday Dinner in Brooklyn," each author uses vivid imagery to portray Brooklyn. The writers discuss three points in each piece - their view of the city itself, family life in the borough, and their overall feeling of Brooklyn.First, the writers similarly illustrate their perspectives on the city in descriptive prose. On one hand, Broyard depicts the borough as "inviting as a view of a squalid village would seem to a princess imprisoned in an ivory tower." On the other hand, Agee explains that you only have to cross a bridge to know it: "Behind you the whole of living is drawn up straining into ...view middle of the document...

" Furthermore, Broyard refers to his own family, exemplifying their lack of solidity; over the years it seems as though the special bond they shared deteriorated: "When - and how - had our oneness become three? ... What alchemy isolated my substance beyond their - and my - understanding?" In addition, he addresses his mother's smile and how the vibrant nature of it seemed to fade away: "My mother was smiling, and as I watched her over a forkful of mashed potatoes, I realized that she was still pretty. I knew that smile from way back, I remembered how it had once outshone the sun in heaven. Only, it had had more of a Mona Lisa character then, an ambiguity that gave it a special quality of romance. Where was that romance now?"Lastly, both authors end with a final portrayal of how they view Brooklyn. Broyard tells of the diversity in Brooklyn's inhabitants, ranging from "soft-speaking women" to the "Jew who nods softly above the texts of his holiness." In contrast, Agee reveals a final outlook of Brooklyn as his childhood neighborhood: "Once my father and I had walked, just as we were walking now, through the Village. He didn't remember the neighborhood very clearly - he said the last time he'd been there was before I was born - and he had looked around him like the sightseers who go through the streets in plastic buses."In conclusion, James Agee's "Southeast of the Island: Travel Notes" and Anatole Broyard's "Sunday Dinner in Brooklyn," indeed use extensive techniques to describe Brooklyn through physical, analytical, and personal levels.

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