The Business Model Describes How An Organization Creates, Delivers, And Capture Value Economic, Social, Or Other Forms Of Value. The Business Model Is Part Of The Business Strategy

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Project Management Helps IT Group Grow More User-Friendly
Study Case # 1

By: Karla M. Ramos
BADM 5100
Profa. Olga Maldonado
Our case study introduces an emergent problem faced by Capital Region Health Care (CRCH) in regards to its Information Technology Services (ITS) group. The article presents the current work mechanism used by the ITS unit on their beeper system, thus unveiling the lack of organization within the unit. The problem seemed to arise from the fact that the ITS group was fundamentally a ...view middle of the document...

Deane Morrison recognized the lack of customer service within the ITS group and he agreed that it was time for a change. Morrison needed to shift away from their technology-centric organization to a more responsive and customer-focused one. In order to create a more customer-responsive culture in any organization there are six key variables that most be tackled. Creating a more customer-responsive culture means building a strong and loyal customer base, which is generally rewarded with revenue growth and a better financial performance. The first variable to focus on is the type of employees. A company that is customer-focused should hire individuals who are outgoing and friendly. Secondly, the companies most provide the employees with freedom in order to meet the changing customer-service requirements. Thirdly, employees need to feel empowered the employee has the decision discretion to do what’s necessary to satisfy the customer. Fourthly the employee must have good listening skills, they should have the ability to listen and understand the message sent by the customer. Fifthly there should be role clarity they most know what their role is and the best way to perform such job. Finally, the employee should exhibit organizational citizenship behavior, the employee must be willing to take that extra step, that initiative, even when its not required from them. Now that we know the key variables that should be represent when creating a more customer-responsive culture we can apply them to our case study.

Morrison realized that if any changed in his group were too happen, he should be the one to set the example. Simply talking to employees about the problem was not enough he needed to dig in and modify his own behavior in order for things to change. This action could be considered under organizational citizenship behavior, Morrison knew there were problems within his units and he, voluntarily, took the initiative to change that.

One of the company’s main problem was the communication between its users and the ITS employees, Morrison needed to find a way to create a more effective communication in order to achieve his goal, for him to do this, he needed to change the way his employees view their work and their surroundings. Morrison implemented an outside training program based on service culture. All the current and future employees were to take this training in order to gain a better perspective of what a customer-focused group should be like. This action falls under the type of employee’s variable, because a company not only has to hire more outgoing and friendly people but they also have to...

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