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The Business Of Soccer In America

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The Business of Soccer in America

Soccer (Football) is said to be the world’s most popular sport in the world, USA are one the few countries where soccer isn't the main sport. The beautiful game is a game of passion; fans coming together to form a ‘religion’ but all this fun and excitement come down to money. The football business is one that generates a great deal of revenue from betting to tickets, TV and shirts sponsorship and transfer deals. You can argue it’s the richest sport in the world. Here in America we are late boomers to the soccer craze, which is why our league isn't as strong as other like the Barclays Premier League, LA LIGA, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A etc. In the year ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the transfer window structure is very ineffective. According to FIFA, Sepp Blatter numerous times has told the MLS to change their transfer window and calendar times to match with those of Europe. In an Al Jazeera interview with FIFA president Sepp Blatter on December 28 2013, the president of FIFA and football took an unquestionable slap at the MLS, the first division of pro soccer in the United States. Blatter’s comments on MLS was “…there is no very strong professional league, they have just the MLS …It is a question of time, I thought, when we had the World Cup in 1994, but now we are 18 years in and it should have been done now. They are still struggling.” Of course he is right of the strength of the league. To have a league where the season starts when others are busy making deals to enhance their teams and league. If calendars matched we could also make those deals increasing the chances of players like myself in the league to be selected for national team would be increased there’s wouldn’t be any fuss about games clashing which would ultimately bring about Better TV rating and a better reputation on the global stage.
You can argue that putting MLS on the international calendar to compete while NFL playoffs, the burden of the NBA and NHL seasons, plus the MLB flag race is a really good idea...even in the cold of winter. The truth is that loyal fans would always tune in to watch soccer over other sports if it were good quality soccer and not the low, mediocre one we have on today American Climate is different but even in the cold winters in places like New England there’s could be winter breaks like they do in Italy. Kids between the ages of 7 up to 1 play in this weather in the developmental league. While playing with my former team, Real Salt Lake, we had a game against the Columbus Crew of Ohio, on one brutal winter night and we played through it though we lost we didn’t die, the game was not less of a quality and we had a sold out crowd, fans even waited for autographs after the match. As a result of USSA not heeding to FIFA, when the normal transfer window opens in Europe between July 31 and August 1st, the MLS is not allowed to make quality transfers deals and if they force one through it end up being a little to no money deal. There is a short period when North American players and European players can transfers in the month of January but big money deal having a lot of clauses these days, one month might to short.
In the History of America we have no settled for good we always want exceptional. But lately the league MLS has been labeled a dustbin for old players coming to America for a joy ride before they retire. Likes of David Bechkam and Thierry Henry had their free transfer’s way after their prime and at the wrong side of 30. Players who on who never get playing time in Europe now becoming ‘gods’ in America. That says a lot about the competition. There is a mass number of players over thirty long due of...

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