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The Byot (Bring Your Own Technology) Phenomenon Essay

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The BYOT (bring-your-own-technology) Phenomenon
And It’s Legal Consequences to Business
BUS 311 Business Law I

The BYOT (bring-your-own-technology) Phenomenon
And It’s Legal Consequences to Business
Smallwood, R. and Blair, B. (2012), Safeguarding Critical E-Documents, quoting Sun Tzu’s 1941 statement from The Art of War “the element of surprise has accounted for more victories throughout history than any other tactic” (Smallwood,R and Blair, B.2012) and use
this as the basis for comparison to describe the level of preparedness that some businesses operate at when it comes to the protection of critical data and intellectual property.
The author’s point is that given today’s ...view middle of the document...

Employees have
already proved the case for owning these devices and bringing them into the workplace. BYOT is becoming the rule rather than the exception in the workplace, After all, who wouldn't prefer to work with a notebook, tablet or smartphone that you choose to fit your own requirements rather than a device selected to meet a set of corporate guidelines (McLellan,C. 2013)? While, BYOT is a convenience to employees, accommodating it can have a hugh impact on a business’s ability to manage and protect its sensitive data and intellectual property.
What should business do? Businesses should start by identifying the consumer technologies employees are already bringing into the workplace. Employees use their personal technology devices at work and at home and business now face the challenge of accommodating the 'work anywhere, anytime' productivity work style. Employees can now access email and other company data via their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.
BYOT has the potential to increase worker productivity, create a more flexible working environment, and even reduce IT costs. How can business’ work with employees to implement a BYOT program in the workplace? Business should determine work requirements and employee suitability and they will need to assess the risks of exposing sensitive data beyond the corporate walls (

The BYOT (bring-your-own-technology) Phenomenon
And It’s Legal Consequences to Business
It is important that guidelines controlling access and productivity are established and enforced. This will be the most important element in reducing the risk of legal consequences. The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify how personal devices can be used in such a manner as to allocate the risk to the organization between the business and its employees.
The BYOT rise will affect organization policy and it reflects a shift from centralized management and control of information technology resources and devices to the management of
employee owned devices. This shift may also impact company information technology budgets (Moore,C. 2012).
Employees should be required to accept the terms of these guidelines before they are allowed to use their personal devices to connect to the businesses network. The policy should cover the types of acceptable devices, types of access allowed and whether devices can be used to remotely connect to the businesses network.
Like with most emerging technologies, there are legal issues to be considered. Some of these issues already existed as a result of the trend towards mobile computing. There are however, challenges that present risks that did not previously need to be considered. For example, who will take responsibility for lost or stolen devices, or the prevention of virus and malware attacks (Dixit,A. 2013)
There is no doubt that a business could realize a substantial savings in both the cost of purchasing hardware and software when...

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