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The Caring Moment Essay

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The Caring Moment
Brittany Seawright
June 18, 2012
Stephanie Merck

The Caring Moment
Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring was developed in 1979 (Cherner, 2007). Watson’s nursing theory was developed to bring meaning and focus to nursing as a diverse health profession (Cherner, 2007). Watson believed caring is what heals and help patients to live (Cherner, 2007). She believed patients should be treated as a whole to promote health. Watson’s theory has transformed the way nurses care for patients today; nurses build caring-interpersonal relationships with patients, treat patients as holistic beings- body, mind, and spirit, and provide care with a positive attitude.
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Utilizing the carative factors help treat and heal patients as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. According to Alligood (2012), Watson states “to be implemented into care, they require of the nurse’s intention, caring values, knowledge, a will, a relationship, actions, and commitment” (p. 122). In the transpersonal relationship that I describe later in this paper I was able to utilize Watson’s carative factors. I was able to relate to what my patient was feeling and could feel the pain she was feeling. I was able to build a caring, trusting relationship with my patient and support her spiritual needs. I was able to satisfy her needs by being there for her at that moment and getting her the help she needed. I was also about. I believe by telling my patient my story I was able to help her realize that she is not alone, and I feel I gave her hope that she will get better in time with therapy.
Concepts of Watson’s Theory
The concepts, such as human being, health, nursing, and environment are discussed from the viewpoint of Watson’s theory (Alligood, 2012).
Human Being
A person is looked at holistically within the body, mind, and spirit. Jean Watson describes a human being as a living, growing gestalt that has influence of self as a whole (Alligood, 2012). The Current Nursing (2012) website views a person as someone cared for, respected, understood, and supported.
According to Alligood (2012), Watson describes health as “a subjective experience and a process of adapting, coping, and growing throughout life that is associated with the degree of congruence between self as perceived and self as experienced” (pp. 123-124). Health is adjusting to and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, exercising, and taking care of self as a whole. Watson looks at health and illness functioning concurrent as a way to provide equilibrium in one’s life (Alligood, 2012).
According to the Current Nursing (2012) website, Jean Watson describes nursing as “a human science of persons and human health-illness experiences that are mediated by professional, personal, scientific, esthetic, and ethical human transactions” (para. 19). Nursing is caring for others with love and compassion to promote health, prevent illness, and restore health (Current Nursing, 2012).
Watson believes the nurse is the environment (Alligood, 2012). The environment is the place where patients are loved, cared for, and healed through intentional introduction of relaxing, music therapy, pleasant smells, meditation, and patients chosen rituals (Alligood, 2012). Watson describes caring and love that comes from self and is given to others, such as own workplace, to transform patients environment (Alligood, 2012).
Caring Moment
A caring moment occurs when the nurse and patient come together and have a human-to-human connection in which both the nurse and patient are inspired through the relationship built and the caring moment (Watson, 2012). Once...

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