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The Case for Change at Modern Appliances |
Employee Engagement at Modern Appliances Inc. |
The Case for Change |

In order to build an increased spectrum of customer service, an internal strategy to modify Modern Appliances’ employee engagement was needed. Within an employee centered culture, employees are utilized for their overall value input for increased exposure and profit. This case study will focus on the methods and strategy to redesign a business culture for change and improvement. |

As a business that has been operating for almost 75 years, Modern Appliances has proven to be competitive within its market field. Totaling over $ 2 billion in ...view middle of the document...

CEO, James Bradshaw, had viewed over the years how the company had become complacent as being the market leader in appliances but also how the design was outdated. As cost and quality became an issue within the organization, there was a need to ensure increased customer service relations. CEO, James Bradshaw was given a proposal to increase customer satisfaction while also allowing the potential for an improved concept of employee engagement. In Modern's attempts to improve employee engagement, several initiatives were implemented for change. Such initiatives included Quality Circles and Total Quality Management (TQM). However, as the company attempted to push its employees to be better engaged within its business practices and operations, there was no effective change in the company’s culture.
James Bradshaw envisioned a company that employees valued the company as they were valued. When employees have work that interests them and aligns with their values as well as the manner they are treated for the work that is done, employee engagement can occur (Macey, W. H., Schneider, B., Barbera, K. M., & Young, S. A. 2009). This would also result in employees providing effective customer relations to increase customer service initiatives. Bradshaw was intrigued by leadership and operations of General Electric (GE). General Electric had been very successful in changing its culture to a fast paced environment thus creating an innovative workplace with engaged employees. Bradshaw began to take the approach of General Electric (GE) and its well-maintained operation initiatives. This new culture would utilize driving forces and promote employee engagement. With this concept, innovation was to be built upon emerging a new culture for company success.
As Bradshaw presented his idea to his management team, mixed feelings were presented on changing the company’s culture design. There were questions of the effectiveness of the plan compared to other strategies put into place in the past. The management team had concern that employees without the knowledge of business operations would be put in control of making such important decisions for the company. Also Modern’s new implications of the new idea posed questionable views on union employees and its effects of their terms and conditions of employment. Although skepticism was present amongst management, Bradshaw was adamant on taking the chance to carry out his learned strategy for change.
In order to implement this idea, Bradshaw created a rigorous workshop that entailed 60 employees. The workshop focused on the concerns and solutions that could be utilized within the company to improve its operations and quality controls. The workshop process began with the concept explanation. A collection of reasons were presented on why the company had not been successful in its customer service element. At the same time, these reasons were prioritized and split between teams for analysis. As suggestions and...

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