The Case For Reparation Essay

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Name: Huyen Bui Instructor: K.C Harrison
Course: PSTL 1525W
Date: 09/22/14
The Case for Reparation
As I read the article “ The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, he writes about black people during 20th Century in America. He uses other people’s opinion to support his own argument. There’s some examples that show how Coates use of the “ They say/ I say” technique to respond his own argument, whether it’s the agreement or disagreement.
In the quote: “The lives of black Americans are better than they were half century ago. The humiliation of WHITE ONLY signs are gone. Rates of black poverty have decreased” ( Coates. 60), which tell us that many people believe there are more opportunities to help black get over the poverty, and white people’s finally no longer insult them like half country ...view middle of the document...

If you look at the second quote carefully, you will notice how Coates uses the word “ but” to disagree the fact that poverty’s rate of black people have been decrease. It’s one of explicit moment that Coates uses to respond this argument because when I look into the quotation, I can see clearly how Coates argues that the poverty’s rate of black people decrease and he respond in to that isn’t true when other people admit that at the same time.
There’s other evidence that engages to the “ They say/ I say”, which can help me identify how Coates responds to his article, “ Liberals today mostly view racism not as an active, distinct evil but as a relative of white poverty and inequality. They ignore long tradition of this country actively punishing black success- and the elevation of that punishment, in the mid- 20th century, to federal policy.” ( Coates 68), it’s one of the explicit moment that Coates have respond to this quotation. The they say in this quote “ Liberal’s view” , Coates actually doesn’t agree with them because they think that racism isn’t something bad but it’s not logically to say that white are not being equal more than other races. However, this quotation isn’t used to say in response, but the word “ ignore” in the next sentence can tell us clearly how Coates disagrees with the Liberal’s view instead of using I say to reply his argument. Since, Coates explains that we are the United States, we’re support to be equal but we’re not, so then equality laws are not being followed. And white people keep being unfair to black people. This then causes the Federal Government to end up being responsible that.
In the article “ The Case for Reparations” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, the argument that Coates responds to demonstrates the “ They say I say” process. Especially his words choose, which make his idea’s expander. Basically, he respond to how white people’s being racism to other races and the truth behind the equality during 19th century in this article.

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