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The Case For Stealth Innovation Essay

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Article review: The Case for Stealth Innovation – By Paddy Miller and Thomas

AUGUST 22, 2015

Library Research Assignment

Varun Sridhar

For organizations to survive and continue its constructive role, it needs ideas that are
fresh and has got to have a new perspective to get new ideas based on field research and
otherwise to ensure and understand the dynamics and destruction of decline are. Both articles
talk about how the process of innovation takes place within an organization and how effectively
can an innovator who is really trying to articulate ideas into effective and efficient processes or
for his/her interests are aligned towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.
The importance of this issue is due to the increasingly competitive environment among the
various organizations and industrial centers. There is a need to provide and develop ...view middle of the document...

The authors warn the future innovators about
circumstances that may arise during the process of innovation like early exposure can kill a
fruitful project due to certain psychological effects “first impression matters” basically. An
innovator trying to communicate and deliver must make sure they don’t waste their shot too
early in the process before building sufficient evidence for the idea.


Library Research Assignment

Varun Sridhar

“Ticking clock” is a nice way of putting it as a deadline to create results in order to
stay ahead of the game. Both the article and chapter II from innovation acceleration talk about
certain criteria to be maintained throughout the process of communicating and delivering the
idea through the organisational structure in order to achieve implementation of the idea. Some of
the criteria that has been discussed are basically strategies to be considered during the process for
example, picking people who know you well to partner with or to cooperate with to develop a
plan by considering their incentives and selling yourself for the better, keeping in mind to avoid
ethical or legal problems and making sure the plan/project continues to be in the interest of the
company by meeting regularly with the advisors mentioned above. My most favourite quote
from both the reads is that “Innovation is often a numbers game; the more ideas that the
company has the better are the chances for the occurrence of a successful innovation.” Another
crucial point discussed as common theme between the reads was the influence of behaviour as an
element of innovative behaviour within the organization. All employees in an organization must
pursue a “champion’s behaviour” based on the quote by Schon, “the new idea either finds a
champion or dies”

1. Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, C. (2013). The Case For Stealth
Innovation. Retrieved August 22, 2015, From


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