The Case Of Fear Warning Essay

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The case of fear warning.

The case of fear warning. When dilemma arises is it your responsible as a manager to set forth your ethical values to the company you work for, but most of all to the customers who made your company so successful. So when issue 666 arises my fellow co-workers and I had to think fast on our feet and not panic in order to resolve this issue. We are all worked together as a team to save our company’s name and for none of the customers who buy our product not to get injured.
Issue 666, the case of fear warning. On a sunny and humid day in New York City on the sixth month, six day in 2006, one of our bakers found pieces of broken glass in an opened half use bag of our 100 pound bag of brown sugar we use for baking cakes and cookies. Brown sugar is one of or most use ingredient at the bakery, after realizing what she saw she call on me to inspect the half use bag of ...view middle of the document...

However, batches of Red Velvet and Devil food cakes were baked and frost to be sold. After finding out that information we pull the items off the shelf and contacted our other two locations as well as the owner of the bakery to let her know what was going on. Second we contacted our customers who brought whole cakes fro us to please throw away the cake and we explain why. It was our duty to let our customer know what was going on in order to keep them safe. Third we contacted our dry goods Distribution Company too inform them what we find in the bag of brown sugar and to send someone from their company to do a full investigation how something like this could happen.
Our owner was very firm with the distribution company, about if our bakery goes down and any of our customers or staff get injured from swallowing a piece of glass, we will be force to take them to court for not implementing a better system in keeping their clients and consumer safe. The distribution company rush an emergency investigation in there plant and found out that the maintenance man was changing a broken light bulb and accidently drop a piece of broken glass below where the bagging process for the brown sugar took place. Instead of telling his supervisor what happened due to the fact he was afraid of losing his job, he said nothing and almost put people’s lives in danger and a company’s credibility on the line. His unethical behavior cause him his job and his company thousand of dollars that had to be paid back to their clients
Our goal at the bakery is to ensure a safe and friendly atmosphere to our customer and staff. Thanks to the well treat and attentiveness of the bakers, we were able to prevent bigger dilemmas from taking place. That day we lost hundred of dollars wroth of products that we had to pull from the shelf, and everyone at the bakery volunteer that day to work over time with out pay to make up for the items we lost. Issue 666 was the worst dilemmas the bakery had to deal with in the since it opened. All our staff was grateful that we put all our heads together in solving the issue and no one got hurt in the process.

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