The Case Of The Mexican Crazy Quilt

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Which of the following is suitable for copyrighting?
A) buildings
B) business methods
C) musical compositions
D) product logos
E) The NIKE sign
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Correct Answer(s): | C |

Utility patents for inventions are valid for 20 years.
A) True
B) False
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Correct Answer(s): | True |

A ________ is a patent that protects the functionality of a patent.
A) utility patent
B) method patent
C) design patent
D) process patent
E) Shark Tank Patent
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Correct Answer(s): | A |

A competitor can lawfully discover a trade secret by performing reverse engineering
A) True
B) False
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Correct Answer(s): | C |

The fair use doctrine for copyrights does not allow reproduction of a work in a legislative or judicial proceeding
A) True
B) False
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Correct Answer(s): | False |

If a competitor reverse engineers a trade secret, then the competitor is ________.
A) rightfully allowed co-ownership to the trade secret and its original trade mark
B) allowed to use the trade secret but not the original trademark
C) not allowed to gain commercially from the trade secret
D) not allowed to gain commercially from the trade secret
E) None of the abovec
Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | |
Correct Answer(s): | B |

What happens to a copyrighted work after it has finished its copyright period with regards to its ownership?
A) A non-copyright holder can purchase the rights to the work
B) The work will enter the public domain to be used for free.
C) The copyright can be renewed for a fee by the original creator of the work.
D) The government takes over ownership of the work, and provides it to the public domain for a fee.
E) The government gains ownership
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Correct Answer(s): | B |

The trademark symbols "TM" and "SM" can be used with marks that have been not been
A) True
B) False
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Correct Answer(s): | True |

If an invention is obvious, then it does not qualify for a patent.
A) True
B) False
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Correct Answer(s): | True |

Improvements to existing machines, processes, or compositions of matter cannot be patented.
A) True
B) False
Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | |
Correct Answer(s): | False |

According to the Economic Espionage Act, ________.
A) persons who have reverse engineered a trade secret can use that trade secret, and the related trademark
B) it is a federal crime to steal another's trade secret
C) the rights to a trade secret will have to be renewed after a specified period of time
D) trade secrets can be shared for a limited amount of time
Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | |
Correct Answer(s): | B |

Which of the following statements is true of the patent period in the United States?
A) It follows the first-to-file rule.
B) The patent term begins to run from the date the patent application is filed.
C) The patent term begins to run from the date the patent is issued.
D) The patent period for an invention is 17 years.
E) The patent term is for the life of the inventor
Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | |
Correct Answer(s): | B |

Which of the following accurately describes the fair use doctrine with reference to copyrighted material?
A) It stipulates the time period for which a copyright holder can retain his copyright. 
B) It guides the U.S. Copyright Office in determining what works require copyrights based on the works' validity
C) It permits use of copyright material by someone other than the copyright holder at a...

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