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The Cause And Effect Of Drug Abuse

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The Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse
The fact that drugs have become a problem in our society is no secret. It seems that although everyone knows the consequences or drug abuse, some people still seem to think they are immune to these effects, or that they will be able to stop drug use after trying it just one time. Although it is true that some are lucky enough to quit after just one time, it is also true that even trying drugs one time causes dependence and a life full of torment and hell. To the observer, it might be questioned why one person will abuse drugs to the point of losing his or her job, home, and family, while another seems to have none of these problems. In this essay, I will ...view middle of the document...

Periodontal disease will cause the gums to become reddened, swollen, and to often bleed. Along with this decline in appearance, the cognitive impairment a drug abuser experiences involves an interference with our normal thought process. This is manifested in a decreased intelligence, difficulty in concentrating, forgetfulness, and learning disabilities.
Another area that drug abuse reaches is a person’s psychological health. As previously mentioned, drugs alter a person’s psychological state, and so some users may seek this as a way to escape their discomfort. They then abuse drugs constantly as a way to alter their mood and behavior. Unfortunately, while they may give short lived bursts of pleasure or an exciting experience, they can produce lasting psychological harm and may cause a long term mental illness in the “crash” that occurs after the drug’s effects wear off. In some cases, drug use could possibly even trigger conditions such as schizophrenia or long-term depression.
A third area that drugs negatively affect is a person’s social health. Drug abuse can completely...

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