The Censorship Of Our Children's Books

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What is censorship? That might be hard to explain. For every person a “word” can mean many things. Yet at the same time can have a similar overall idea. Take these two examples of the definition censorship. The American Civil Liberties Union claims that it means the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are "offensive." The Global Internet Liberty Campaign states it is the control of the information and ideas circulated within a society. Just by these two definitions alone you can find similarities and differences in their meaning.
Censorship comes in many forms, but I find that books are the most targeted. The reason that is-is that it is the purest form of knowledge. Now you could ...view middle of the document...

Another example of this would be a book by Mark Twain called the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Some of the characters within the book use derogatory words against black slaves. Because of these words, it is claimed by other to be a racist book. The question that needs to be asked is if, the ones placing the censorship, had read and understood the books they choice to ban.
I understand their point of view when it comes to censorship. In some ways I’d even approve of it. The prime example would be the atom bomb. When it comes to books, I’d be willing to guess that most of the time it is based on a true belief that they are doing some sort of good for their community. Maybe a children turn to Wiccan after reading Harry Potter. If you take the Christian mindset in this instance, that idea of censorship is the battle for your soul. Even if you don’t believe the Christian view, you can understand that they are not censoring (sorry for the pun) the hell of it. If you were to look at other organizations or movements, I’d bet the same thing could be seen as well.
Our children are our future. I know that is an old cliché, but that don’t make it any less truthful. Should we be hiding them for things they will soon find out anyways? If the purpose was to survive from a predator I would say that we shouldn’t. The more they know, the more it will keep them safe. How about Santa or the tooth fairy? I think most of us would agree that in this case it would be fine to let them believe in a lie. It does them no harm, and brings a certain magic in the world, that the world needs for children. We need to create balance philosophy and, as adults, form a greater understanding of our children. Some of it is for schools, libraries, and teachers to determine. Some of it deals with the parents or legal guardians. Most, however, it’s for the child to decide. We they start asking those questions that dreads us, as concerned adults, maybe that’s when we need to trust them and show them the answers they seek..
Maybe the issue comes from how we classify our books. If Harry Potter had no child classification would it make any difference? The short answer is no. If the book is good, children will find their way to it regardless. But perhaps there is something to it still. By creating no labels for our books, we as adults, will still create one for it. However if no label was created, it would be harder to ban it. If a book wasn’t label for children, it would be harder to pick it apart. John Milton...

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