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The Challenge To Spot The Peculiar Item

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The story begins with me and my dream. All along I wanted to be an author and a researcher. I love to do research and observe things in a very careful manner, and then write them down in my notebook. Finally there is a chance for me to accomplish my dream which is to be a history story book writer. However, the manager of the book company gave me a task before he decides whether or not to hire me. He wants to see where my knowledge and creativity stands, and whether I really have inspired ideas that everyone would admire and be impressed. The task is to make connections to four out of five objects, and to say the difference to the object that is left out. There are five objects on the table, ...view middle of the document...

It reminded me of the paper lanterns children used to play during mid-autumn festivals. Materials used are colored papers and wires underneath to make the horse stand straight. Then I begin to think of the Trojan horse story happened in Rome. It is a classic true story happened a long time ago and is remembered forever. The one thing I noticed the most about eh horse is that it is wrapped in a plastic bag and is still not yet opened. I wonder why it is still all wrapped up as though it is brand new. Perhaps it is new, yet when I think about the traditional paper lanterns and the Trojan horse story, this horse doesn't seem to be new to me anymore even if it is wrapped and is all clean.The second item I notice is the Logitech ball paddle. The whole body is in yellow with black words printed on it. The top part is oval in shape and there's a hole at the bottom, which is a handle for people to hold when they hit it with a ball. Strange, I thought while holding the paddle. It doesn't exactly make sense to me. All of a sudden there's this paddle. It is one of the equipments for a type of sports game. The material used it hard plastic and it is flat in shape. I have no idea on how to link between the Trojan horse and the paddle. The two items I first noticed already have nothing in common. I begin to get nervous, not knowing how to define the upcoming items I'm going to see. However, this might be a very big hint that one of these two is the item that disassociates with others. So the item itself might not make sense, but the word printed on it might have something to do with the connections. Logitech is one of the computer companies that produce personal interface products for the digital world. The company itself does not produce sports games but useful office products instead. This makes more sense now, I said to myself. At least the company is famous and the colors used for the paddle is outstanding. There must be more to it.After noticing the paddle, my eyes turn towards the red, round, plastic tin. I look at the words printed on the lid. It says "The Heffer typewriter ribbon". So inside should be typewriter ribbons. The red lid is very eye-catching and the shape of the tin is small and round. Typewriter ribbons are used in the old days when type writers are still popular. But now I guess no one would use them anymore since computers dominate the world almost. I couldn't think of any connections that can relate this to the other two items I observed just now. However, I realized that there is a comparison between the Logitech paddle and this ribbon. Logitech is a hi-tech company that produces digital products such as computer keyboards for typing. In comparing with the typewriter ribbon which was used in the old days, also for typing, there is a big difference of the time of when the objects are used. Anyhow, the paper Trojan horse is should also be from the past since the Trojan horse story was history, and those types of toys were created a long...

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