The Champion Essay

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In the vast expanse of a timeless place
Where Silence ruled the outer space
Ominously towering it stood
The symbol of a spirit war
Between the one named Lucifer, and the Morningstar, the ultimate of good.

Enveloped by a trillion planets
Clean as lightning, and hard as granite
A cosmic coliseum would host the end,
Of the war between the lord of sin and death
And the omnipotent creator of man’s first breath
Who will decide, who forever will be…..

The audience for the fight of the ages was assembled and in place.
The angels came in splendor from a star.

The saints that had gone before were there, Jeremiah, Enoch, Job.
They were singing the song of Zion on David’s harp.
The demons arived, offensive and vile, cursing and blaspheming God

Followed by their trophies dead and gone.
Hitler, Napoleon, Pharoh, Capone, tormented, vexed, and grieved
And waiting for their judgment from the throne.

Then a chill swept through the ...view middle of the document...

When he said, “By His stripes they’re healed,” the devil shook.
He said, “Sickness is my specialty – I hate that healing junk.”
God said, “You shut your face – I wrote the book.”

Then the Father looked at His only son and said,
“You know the rules. Your blood will cleanse their sin and calm their fears.”
Then he pointed His finger at Satan and said,
“And I know you know the rules,
You’ve been twisting them to deceive my people for years.”
Satan cried, “I’ll kill you Christ! You will never win this fight.”
The demons wheezed, “That’s right, there ain’t no way.”
Satan jeered, “You’re dead meat Jesus, I’m gonna bust you up tonight.”
Jesus said, “Go ahead, make my day!”

The bell, the crowd, the fight was on, and the Devil leaped in fury.
With all his evil tricks he came undone.
He threw his jabs of hate and lust, a stab of pride and envy,
But the hands that knew no sin blocked every one.
Forty days and nights they fought and Satan couldn’t touch Him.
Now the final blow saved for the final round.
Prophetically Christ’s hands came down and Satan struck in vengeance.
The blow of death fell Jesus to the ground.

The devils roared in victory, the saints shocked and perplexed
As wounds appeared upon His hands and feet.

The Satan kicked Him in His side and blood and water flowed

And they waited for the ten count of defeat.
God the Father turned His head. His tears announcing Christ was dead.
The ten count would proclaim the battle’s end.
The Satan trembled through his sweat in unexpected horror yet,
As God started the count by saying, “…10…”
Hey wait a minute God,
Stop, you’re counting wrong,
His eyes are moving…
His fingers are twitching…
Where’s all this light coming from…
He’s alive
Oh no…
Oh yes
He has won!

He has won!
He’s alive forevermore, He is risen, He is Lord.
He has won!
He has won!
He’s alive forevermore, He has risen, He is Lord.

Proclaim the news in every tongue, through endless ages and beyond.
Let it be voiced from mountains loud and strong,
Captivity has been set free, salvation bought for you and me,
Cause Satan is defeated and Jesus is THE CHAMPION!

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