The Change Essay

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Jack Ziesing
The Change

Throughout the past four years of my life at Redwood High School just north of San Francisco, I have noticed a significant amount of transformation that feminism has made over the past couple of decades. Growing up near San Francisco I was exposed to women fighting the typical stereotypes and issues surrounding their gender. However, the women’s rights movement has come a long way, and women are now usually seen as equals to men. They have succeeded in almost all endeavors men have. Women in today’s society occupy powerful political positions, commanding jobs, such as CEOs of large corporations, and are no longer exempt from stereotypical male ...view middle of the document...

In a girls only lunch club called SWEAR (Students for women's equality and rights), female students would gather every lunch and discuss their role in society and the issues that surrounded that role. In Tannen’s article, she claims there is “no unmarked woman,” however I believe girls at our school intentionally marked themselves by participating in such an exclusive club. There are no exclusively male clubs that were made in order to have any influence over the school the way that SWEAR did. I’m not sure what the response would have been from SWEAR had this happened; however I am sure there would have been a stir about it. By females at Redwood High intentionally “marking” themselves and constantly making announcements at all school meetings, SWEAR created an image that they wanted to be seen as: excessively powerful women. Although this is just an isolated incident, it was obvious to everyone that feminism played an immense role in our community.
As the years progressed, feminism at Redwood slowly began to fade because there was no longer a place for it. SWEAR is no longer an everyday meeting, and more women began to lose interest in attending such meetings. Not to say that women’s rights was not an important issue to female population any longer, but there was less of a need to protest about their role in society and at our school. It is not to say that all feminists today are wrong, because there is still many issues that women face today; such as violence, domestic abuse, and work place harassment, however I do not feel that feminist protesting is the answer to this. Protesting in today’s society will not achieve anything; it’s up to the people to make a difference. Clubs and organizations similar to SWEAR were the feminism of old. Society today, for the most part, is not gender biased. Just like with any issue that exists, there will be people who aggravate it, however at this point in time feminism no...

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