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The Character Of Rita In Educating Rita

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The Character of Rita in Educating Rita

In the play of Educating Rita, which is written by Willy Russell,
there is a student aged twenty-six years old who is a hairdresser and
also is a working class called Rita. Rita lives with her husband
called Denny however Rita and Denny love each other so very much.
Denny wants Rita to have a baby but Rita is on a pill to stop from
having a baby, but Denny does not know about it, but then finds out
later in the play. Rita wants to explore herself and learn, that is
why she goes to University to find a tutor to help her learn.

Willy Russell faced some problems when trying to introduce the play.
He had to introduce 2 main characters, Rita ...view middle of the document...

Frank hid his bottle of whisky in his bookshelf behind a
book, which he has trouble finding and this shows that he does not
want anyone to find out that he has an alcohol dependency. He
remembers where he put his bottle of whisky, he hid it under
"dickens." He moves delightedly to the section and there he finds his
whisky behind a book. I think that at this point he was panicking a
bit because he was expecting Rita and he did not want Rita to see him
as an alcohol drinker, which might lead to a bad impression.

Willy Russell had to introduce some themes in the first scene. He
introduced Education for Rita. Willy Russell makes Rita ambitious and
makes her want to learn, that is why Willy Russell makes Rita find
herself a tutor that can teach her what she wants to learn. Rita finds
Frank to be her tutor at the University, but Frank does not want to be
her tutor because he does not want to take the opportunity of teaching
her, however Rita urgently needs a tutor to teach her so she tries to
make Frank teach her. This can be shown when Rita says, "You're my
tutor. I don't want another tutor." Frank says, "But I've told you - I
don't want to do it." I think that he does not want to take the
opportunity and I also think that if he took the opportunity it would
be a new challenge for him to compete over himself.

Another theme, which Willy Russell introduced, was relationships. Some
relationships that appeared in the first scene were Rita and her
husband, Denny. Rita talks a bit about their relationship and tells
Frank that Denny wants a baby but Rita has not told Denny that she is
on a pill, which stops her from having a baby. Rita tells Frank that
Denny keeps on asking her if she has come off the pill, and Rita says
yes she has come off the pill just to make Denny shut up. Rita would
like to learn before making choices such as having a baby with her
husband Denny. She explains clearly to Frank about this by saying "I
don't wanna baby yet. See, I wanna discover meself first." It shows to
the audience that she is ambitious and wants to take choices after her
education. I think that she is willing to give up anything just for
her education and I also think that after her education she will make
choices, which her husband will like and agree with such as having a
baby and starting a family.

Another relationship would be Frank and his wife Julia. In the first
scene Frank gets a call from Julia, which shows the audience that
Frank has a wife and Willy Russell makes the audience notice that
Frank has an alcohol problem because of the way he is talking to his
wife. Julia phones Frank and starts talking about the food, which...

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