The Charateristics Of A Good Boss As Opposed To A Bad Boss

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The Characteristics of a Good Boss as Opposed to a Bad Boss
Stacy Giroux
February 13, 2014
Anne Cox

The Characteristics of a Good Boss as Opposed to a Bad Boss
In the property preservation field, having the characteristics of a good boss as opposed to a bad boss is very important to the success of the business. Property preservation is a tough field to be in for several reasons. First, the competition is high because, in this economy, there is a high demand for vendors to clean up the foreclosed properties for the banks. Second, there is a fine line between quality and quantity. This is because there are so many foreclosures that the need to get them done quickly is ...view middle of the document...

Then the employee must take pictures of all work being done, such as, cleaning windows, sweeping, mopping, etc. Finally the employee must take after photos from the same angle as the before photos. Photos are the most important part of the job because that is how the property preservation company gets paid. If there are missing or blurry photos, then the property preservation company has to go back and get the correct photos. This takes time and costs money. A good boss would provide all employees with hands on training on how to take the photos as well as a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten, whereas a bad boss will just send the employees out assuming they know what to do. The bad boss is then frustrated at the end of the day because he/she does not have all required photos to send to the banks, making their pay on that job held up until all pictures are submitted, not to mention the time and gas wasted to return a second time, which in turn costs money. If this is done repeatedly, the company starts to lose money from having to make repeated trips, plus the banks will cut the company’s work load back until they can get up to par, causing a loss of income.
A good boss knows there is a lot of detailed cleaning involved and provides employees with hands on training to ensure nothing is missed. This is important because once a job is complete the broker then comes out and inspects the property and if they find missed items then the property will fail. If this occurs, the employees have to go back and correct issues which takes time and money so the profits are being cut into and the business loses money. A good boss understands that with all the training in the world things will get missed from time to time. A bad boss will not provide training thus leaving the employees open to making mistakes and costing the business money. There are a lot of bad bosses in this field and instead of seeing the problems and working with their employees to get them up to standard, a bad boss just fires them and hires...

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