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A Character Study of Charlotte Barber The novel "The Charlie Barber Treatment" is written by Carole Lloyd. It is about a boy called Simon whose mother dies unexpectedly. He is very upset and unable to get over his mum. When he meets Charlie Barber she really cheers him up. Charlie has a big effect on Simon. Charlie is a sixteen-year-old girl who is staying with her Gran for the week. We first meet Charlotte when Simon bumps into her outside the local newsagents in his small town. Charlie asks Simon directions to somewhere she can walk her Gran's dog. Simon tells her directions to the downs but Charlie ...view middle of the document...

" "I'm not going up there alone." Simon has a sudden sense of being out played." Here Simon knows that she has no intention of letting him go. I think Charlie is a very independent girl. "Who cares what other people think?" She also shows she is independent by being in the village without her dad. We know that Charlie is quite caring from when she won't give Simon any sugar for his tea. She playfully argues with him. "It's bad for you." Charlie is a very clever girl. She has eleven O-levels and is going to university. Simon is clever as well so they are quite well matched. Charlie and Simon first know for sure that they like each other when Charlie is at Simon's house. "I needed to see you." Later on Simon walks Charlie home and they hug and kiss. Charlie knows she is forward and sometimes a bit pushy but not in a nasty way. "Gran thinks I'm very forward and you're probably just too polite to tell me." Later Charlie also says "I'm a bit pushy though aren't I." When Charlie and Simon are in the pub she acts sensibly so as not to get them thrown out as under-aged drinkers. " "Fancy asking tonight," she taunted him, "when I'm already taken for." " This shows she is good at handling people, especially adults. Near the end of the novel we find that Charlie has to leave early and this devastates Simon dut Charlie remains calm and comforts Simon. Here we see she is a strong girl.

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