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The Christian Beliefs Of Life, Including The Arguments Of Abortion And Euthanasia

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One belief shared by all Christians about the beginning of life is that abortion is an evil and that it is always immoral at any stage of the foetus' life, even if it is within the legal 'time limit'. This means Christians believe that from the moment of conception, the foetus is a human being with rights, so it would be a sin to abort it as one of the Ten Commandments is, 'Do not murder'. Christians also use this commandment, to support their belief that euthanasia is immoral and a sin. This is also murder, as it doesn't matter if the person wants to die or not.Another belief is that God has ultimate dominion over life, which means it is God's decision to start and end life and humans shouldn't interfere with that decision. For example, a child shouldn't be aborted because God chose to create that life, so why is it anyone else's right to end that ...view middle of the document...

Life is a gift from God; so again, it isn't the place of humans to destroy it. However, as Christians believe that all human life is sacred, they also believe that a potential mother's life is sacred, and if having the baby puts the mother's life at risk, Christians believe abortion is the lesser of two evils, as it is worse to let the mother die because she is a full human being, rather than a potential human being. For some Christians, abortion is also the lesser of two evils if a potential mother would severely suffer psychologically and not be able to cope, for example, in the case of rape.Another Christian belief is that suffering is meaningful. Christians believe it makes us better people, that everyone can learn a lot from it and it is given to us for a reason. For example, during pregnancy, the mother can suffer greatly, but it is a journey she must go through. Someone who is dying and in great pain may be tempted to ask someone to help them end it, but they must go through this suffering. Christians follow Jesus Christ's example, in that they can get through their sufferings and come out okay.A very strong belief to all Christians is the idea of compassion. Some Christians think that if a potential mother is suffering and the pregnancy is lowering her quality of life, she should be shown compassion and be allowed to have an abortion. Another idea is to show the unborn child compassion by aborting it. This is believed by some Christians because they believe that if the child is going to have a disease or disability that will cause them to have great pain and/or vastly shorten the child's life, it would be kinder to the child to not have any pain at all, by not being born.Perhaps the most important and valid Christian belief to a Christian life is 'to love your neighbour as you love yourself.' It means that if we don't want to die, we shouldn't kill other people. Christians believe that this important value truly proves that abortion and euthanasia are wrong.

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