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The Circus Essay

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A circus is an arena for acrobatic exhibitions and animal shows. Usually
circular and surrounded
by tiers of seats for spectators, a circus may be in the open air but is
usually housed in a permanent
building or sheltered by a tent. The term circus is also applied to the
performance itself and to the troupe
of performers. The entertainment offered at a circus generally consists of
displays of horsemanship;
exhibitions by gymnasts, aerialists, wild-animal trainers, and performing
animals; and comic pantomime by
The first modern circus was staged in London in 1768 by Philip Astley, a
former sergeant major
in the English cavalry, who performed as a trick rider. Beginning ...view middle of the document...

President George Washington reportedly attended a
Ricketts circus and
sold the company a horse in 1797. The Ricketts circus remained in existence,
with several name changes,
through the first decade of the 19th century. Some of the outstanding
companies in the early history of
American circuses were the Mount Pitt circus and the troupes of the American
animal tamer Isaac Van
Amburgh, the American chemist and inventor Gilbert Spaulding, and the
American clown Dan Rice.
Throughout the 19th century the circus evolved in programming and
management. Initially,
trained horses and equestrian performances dominated circuses, but
ropedancing, juggling, acrobatic
acts, wild-animal acts, and clowning were all introduced within the first few
decades. The flying trapeze,
an important part of the modern circus, was not invented until 1859, and the
street parade and sideshow
did not become standard circus events until later in the 19th century. Tents
are believed to have come
into use in the 1820s, but it is uncertain whether they appeared first in
Europe or in the United States.
The huge multiring circus set up to accommodate thousands of spectators is a
peculiarly American
development. In 1869 William Cameron Coup organized a show of unprecedented
size that gave
performances simultaneously in two rings. Coup formed a partnership with the
American showman P. T.
Barnum, and in 1871 they opened a huge circus in Brooklyn, New York. This
circus was advertised as
"The Greatest Show on Earth." Ten years later Barnum went into partnership
with the American showman
James Anthony Bailey, one of the best...

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