The Clarkson Review: Jaguar F Type S Article Review

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The Clarkson Review: Jaguar F-Type S (2013)
It’s a Hard Life

English 102-034

January 27, 2015

The Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar’s first sports car since the E-Type died off in the early 70’s. Jaguar’s idea of the F-Type has been around since the late 90’s, but never followed through, but now it’s here. Considered to be one of the best sports cars on sale, the F-Type has overwhelmed the media and has convinced consumers it is ready to take down its competitors. Originally released as a roadster only, the F-Type has spawned many variants since its launch in 2013. The F-Type has won numerous awards and has shown the world that Jaguar through ...view middle of the document...

He talks about how the F-Type is unlike any other Jag where it would be quiet and comfortable. He talks about how the car is savage and is the most angry and loudest car he has ever experienced. He continues to talk about all the things he likes about the Jag, but then he moves onto the things he doesn’t like. He talks about how he think the trunk is too small and that the ride is unbearable and is the hardest riding car he has ever experienced.

Ever since its founding in 1935, Jaguar has been the king of building sports cars. Its first car, the SS Jaguar, was considered one of the best sports cars of its time and ever since then has been great at the sports car formula. From the SS Jag to the XK120 and then to the world famous E-Type, Jaguar has been building sports cars for the past 50 years. However in the mid 1970’s, Jaguar stopped producing the E-Type and for 40 years didn’t make a true sports car. Then in 2013, Jaguar announced the F-Type, and the world was concerned that after 40 years, Jag had forgotten on how to build the true sports car that they had years ago. But, the world was taken by surprised when they first got a hold of the F-Type and realized that not only was the F-Type one of the best sports cars that Jaguar has made, it was one of the best sports cars ever. In his 2013 article, “The Clarkson Review: Jaguar F-Type S (2013) It’s a Hard Life”, Jeremy Clarkson talks about the F-Type and all of its ups and downs. Clarkson talks about the history of the F-Type, its amazing looks, performance and its competition.
In his article, Clarkson (2013) gives his reader a bit of history before he goes into talking about the F-Type. Clarkson talk about when famous singer Frank Sinatra first saw the then new E-Type, he said, “I have to have that car and I have to have it now” and when he first saw the F-Type, he thought the same thing. In its review of the F-Type, AutoCar (2014) says, “the question isn’t if you like it, but, how much do you like it. And the answer is quite a lot”. There is no denying that the F-Type is a gorgeous car, and media all over the world say that the F-Type is probably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I would certainly agree on that. When I first laid my eyes on the F-Type, I immediately fell in love with its looks and like Sinatra did with the E-Type, thought to myself, “I have to have that car and I have to have it now”. In its review of the F-Type, Top Gear (2013) calls the F-Type, “beautiful and wonderfully desirable”, which is a good way to quickly sum up this amazing Jag. After Clarkson (2013) talks about the exterior he moves onto the interior. He goes on to say, “the interior is just as successful as the exterior”. He talks about how he likes the bronzed buttons throughout the cockpit and that you have the ability to change the color mood lighting like that of a Range Rover. Clarkson did state however, that he thought the dials were a bit 1977ish. Autocar (2014) in its article says, “The...

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