The Clothing Of Heaven Essay

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THE CLOTHES OF HEAVEN based on Rev. 7:9-17
By Glenn Pease

A taylor who used an apple as a trade mark was asked why he used that particular symbol. He replied, "If it hadn't been for the apple, where would the clothing business be?" He had a good point. The clothing business did start in the garden of Eden because of sin, and the need to cover the bodies of those who had started sin by eating of the forbidden fruit. Clothing is not a part of the origin of sin, but rather, a necessity to overcome the emotions set loose by sin.

God was the first taylor to create garments for man. Adam and Eve had sewn fig leaves together to cover their bodies, but shortly thereafter we ...view middle of the document...

The history of men's pants is a joke if there ever was one. Battles have raged over them from ancient Persian times. Church councils have met, sermons have been preached, and pamphlets have been written declaring them to be designed by the devil. A ruler in Germany in 1790, ordered all criminals in chain gangs, working on the roads, to be clad in long trousers, in order to deride and discredit the fashion. In 1820, it was forbidden in England for any clergyman to wear long trousers in the pulpit. Nothing could stop the onward march of a good idea, and so, we all now feel perfectly comfortable in what has become a traditional garment with us.

Men, of course, did not wear pants in Bible days, but they wore what we would call a robe. They were as proud of their robes however, as the modern man is of his suits. Joseph had a robe of many colors. It made him the best dressed man in his big family. It was a garment of great value and was an expression of his fathers affection.

Wealth was often determined by the number of garments a man possessed. Samson is usually portrayed as half bare, to show his great muscles, but his goal was to become the best dressed man in Israel. In Judges 14, he made a deal with 30 men at a feast. If they could guess his riddle, he would give them 30 linen garments and 30 festal garments. If they failed, however, they would give him the 60 outfits instead. Samson was confident that he would start out married life with a huge wardrobe. It turned out, he lost, and had to pay them their 60 garments. The whole transaction reveals that clothes mean a lot to men, just as they do to women.

Clothes mean a lot to God as well. Numerous are the references to the holy garments that God ordained for the priests to wear, and to the beautiful jeweled garb of the high priest. Several references are even made to the garments of God. We read in Psalm 93:1, "The Lord reigns; He is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed, He is girded with strength." In Psalm 104:1-2 we read, "O Lord, my God, Thou art very great! Thou are clothed with honor and majesty, who coverest Thyself with light as with a garment." Looking at God's wardrobe is like looking into the sun. Don't you wonder what kind of clothes we will wear in the presence of God? If He demanded holy garments on those who served Him here on earth, what will he demand when we are before Him in heaven? The book of Revelation answers this question for us, not just to satisfy our curiosity, but because clothing has such important symbolic meaning.

John makes it clear, that there is no going back to Eden's innocent nudity, but a moving ahead to cosmic clothing and divine dress. The future fashion will be garments of glory. Jesus modeled this garment briefly when He walked the earth, His daily garments were, doubtless, of fine quality, and He had a special robe of unique value. The soldiers at the cross gambled to possess His robe...


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