The Cold War Essay

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The Cold War
SS 211-The 1960’s Reshaping the American Dream
Unit 2 Project
Professor Pamella Robinson
Joetta Raymer
February 11, 2014

The Cold War was a time of insecurity, protest and war. People see this time in many different ways as I discovered during my interviews for this project. I interviewed three people during this process from three different generations. I felt this would give me a look at a variety of different perspectives about the Cold War from the eyes of three different generations.
The Cold War could be looked at like a bad marriage between the USA and the USSR. They dragged smaller countries into their fights and used them as pawns. They were allies but ...view middle of the document...

The first young gentleman I interviewed was Lloyd. Lloyd is a 92 year young gentleman that fought in WWII. When the Cold War began he was 23, just home from the war and raising a family. Lloyd was worried that the US would get involved in another war and felt that the politicians needed to stay out of it and let the military handle it. He spoke of how Russia and the United States were involved and how they did not trust each other but were allies. He stated “It was like an abused child who wanted love and attention but had no trust!” (L. Merriman, personal communication, February 6, 2014). He mentioned leaders such as Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill who were involved in the beginning. He later spoke highly of Kennedy and how he prevented the Cuban Missile attack and how Americans started building bomb shelters during this time. From what Lloyd remembered it was the Russians bringing supplies into Cuba and Kennedy told them to keep out and “He put those boats out there and the Marines, and Russia turned around with their tails between their legs and headed home” (L. Merriman, personal communication, February 6, 2014). Lloyd spoke of Vietnam and how his twin sons were in the Navy and how we should never have been involved in this war. Lloyd said the first thing he thinks of about the Cold War is “Tear down that wall” (L. Merriman, personal communication, February 6, 2014). This was what President Reagan said and Lloyd had fears of going back to war and people sneaking across the wall when this occurred. Lloyd was able to give me a perspective of the Cold War through his living it.
My second young gentleman I interviewed was Ron. Ron is 60 years young and a principal at a vocational school. He was a teenager during this time and like most teens didn’t pay a lot of attention to the world unless it involved him. He stated “I vaguely remember practice drill’s hiding under desks, etc.” (R. Pieper, personal communication, February 7, 2014). People were more afraid of the preparations for something that they could not actually see. He recalled the Bay of Pigs standoff and the Cuban missile crisis and Kennedy making speeches about Cuba and war. People were afraid of war and protesting Vietnam and why we were there. He said the key parties of the Cold War were the United States and the USSR until it fell apart. He stated “When looking back on it today we would have to include North Korea and China as well” (R....

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