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The Colonies Essay

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What major problems did the young republic face after its victory over Great Britain? How did these problems motivate members of the elite to call for a federal constitution?

In 1776 when the Colonies declared their independence from Great Britain with the Declaration of Independence they had one clear goal in mind: become a sovereign nation and avoid the tyranny of Great Britain. What they did not know, however, is that they had to face many more issues beyond simply cutting the ties with Great Britain; they also had to create and maintain a working system of rules which could guide them into becoming the United States of America. Once Independence was gained in 1783, the Articles of ...view middle of the document...

It could not create or maintain a militia; this duty was left to the states. All decisions had to be ratified by all thirteen colonies. In thought, this was a great idea because only the most popular decisions would be ratified and stronger states could not hurt the smaller states through majority rule. In practice it did not work very well because it could be thwarted by a single stubborn state. The fledgling nation had created this document out of the fear and experience it had had with Great Britain but these measures were a bit too extreme, and there were people who noticed.1
Alexander Hamilton, an elite of the time around which the Articles of Confederation were being revised, said “this balance between the national and state governments ought to be dealt with the most peculiar attention, as it is of the utmost importance.” He argued that the states were too powerful, and that to have equally powerful state and federal governments could create competition which would in turn prevent either from overstepping their respective boundaries.2 Shays' rebellion was also another indicator that the federal government was too weak to handle problems. In August of 1786, Massachusetts farmers were deeply concerned with the debts they had incurred and were unable to pay. Unlike other more forgiving governments, Massachusetts did not enact any legislation to decrease the amount of debt the farmers had, which forced debt-collectors and...

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