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Over the past year in international relations clearly manifested several trends that suggest the beginning of a new political phase. Period replaced the Cold War ended. Upcoming events is hardly possible to predict, but the main factors that will determine the future development are evident now. Just make a reservation: in the scope of this article were very important points, such as the beginning of the spread of nuclear weapons, a progressive weakening of the system of international governance, expansion of the incident or failed states, and others.

Recent advances in technology have created a single world market of labor and capital. The ability to act as a high use value, regardless ...view middle of the document...

Providing an acceptable standard of living for others, and the creation of inclusive economies and societies will become increasingly important issues in the coming years.
Turn the iPhone and you can read a business plan in eight words that served as Apple: "The design of Apple, in California. Assembled in China." With a market capitalization of more than $ 500 billion, Apple became the most valuable company in the world. Variants of this strategy worked not only for Apple and other large global enterprises, but also for medium-sized firms, and even now, more and more companies are dependent on the two great forces of our era "micro-multinationals." - Technology and globalization - - profit.

Technology has accelerated the process of globalization, communication and dramatically reducing transaction costs and moves the world is much closer to one large global market of labor, capital and other resources to produce. Despite this, the work does not become fully mobile, and other factors constrain it. As a result, the various components of the global supply chain can move to a place of work with a minimum of friction or value. About a third of the goods and services in developed economies are sold, and this figure is constantly growing. And the effect of global competition in the non-trade flows of the economy, in both developed and developing countries.

All this not only creates opportunities for greater efficiency and profits, but also the enormous dislocations. If a worker in China or India can do the same work as one in the United States, the laws of economics dictate that they would eventually like to earn wages (taking into account some of the...

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