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The Company Man Essay

582 words - 3 pages

AP. Lang. & Comp.

Period 4

4 November 2008

Rhetorical Devices in the Company Man

The descriptions of Phil in The Company Man are sardonically accusatory of the today’s people live in society. The author makes not a big deal of how Phil is a heart attack waiting to happen, his six days of working and egg salad sandwiches. “Of course,” used several times, render as the acceptance that people have towards intolerable living conditions in order to fulfill the American dream. Like many Americans, Phil is constantly obsessed about his work and whether or not he will ascend to the top position. Through these details author describes the simple, repetitive way that society exists today. These themes are able to capture the reader with an image of Phil’s workplace or family member and ironic situations.

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The author condemns the lifestyle that Phil leads by using poignant imagery.

The realistic diction and parallelism describes the sarcasm and attitude that author has towards Phil. The author put her paragraphs together with careful rhythm and multiple beat; she repeats “precisely”, “finally,” and “perfect” three times. The author chose number three because it symbolizes a harmony that includes and synthesizes two opposites and also she wants to balance the paragraph. Phil’s constancy, ordinary life and lack of variation are embodied in strict and rigid words such as “always,” “of course,” and “perfect Type A”. In contrast the extreme diction such as “overweight”, “worrying”, “nervous” and “workaholic” convey Phil as a worrywart with no fun at all in his life but work. These words mock Phil as a man solely obsessed with work that had lost track of his priorities.

One of the many important repetition in the essay is, “worked himself to death finally and precisely at 3:00a.m. Sunday morning”. The author’s purpose for using this sentence several times was reader to pay close attention to Phil’s workaholic life and she uses adverbs to express how Phil worked himself and what time or when he worked himself. Because of the whole essay was about irony perception author use sarcasm to emphasize how Phil’s children were unconcerned about their own father Phil. The word “dearly beloved” indicates that the children were Phil’s favorite. But ironically at his funeral, the oldest son asks neighbors about his father and the neighbors were embarrassed because they did not know anything about him to say a proper eulogy.

This story indicts corporate American for fostering the development of individuals who have little in the way of souls. The author pronounced portrait of people who have lost relationship with their families with their values, and with themselves and wrote this essay in order to show that hard work does not always have its benefits.

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