The Competition Between Immigrants And Natives For Low Wage Jobs

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The competition between immigrants and natives for low-wage jobs
Among all nations, immigration is always a hot topic especially in the Untied States because the country is highly mixed with people from different nationalities. Immigration contains two kinds of immigrants, legal and illegal. Undocumented immigrants that come to the U.S. under the low are illegal immigrants. Their presence come into notice by people who naturally born in the U.S. Some people say that illegal immigration is a great stimulation that can improve the economy in many ways. For example, immigrants quickly fill the low-wage jobs which employers need, and spending the money back to the economy by ...view middle of the document...

From this research we can see that the immigration takes over more than half of the low-wage job field. Another survey collected in 2007, before the recession, showed that as for illegal immigration, the evidence indicates it has fallen, but there are still an estimated six million to seven million illegal immigrant workers in the country, who are heavily concentrated in low-wage jobs (New York Times). This is hurting native low-wage workers badly. Illegal immigrants compete with the working poor in the U.S. by the willingness to take low-wage jobs in lower wage than the native working poor. Furthermore, the January Current Population Survey showed that even though the unemployment rate for less-educated immigrants is still somewhat better than for less-educated native-born Americans, it is rising fast for immigrants and natives alike. Also, because illegal immigrants seem to lower the wages for U.S adults without a high-school diploma, “25 million of them — by anywhere between 0.4 to 7.4 percent. This caused more people end up to be working poor.” says Steven A. Camarota.
Another negative impact is costed by illegal immigration is on government expenditures. Generally, illegal immigrants don't pay income taxes but do use schools and other government services. Getting benefit from the U.S. public services without paying taxes, this kind of behavior is showing that illegal immigration is an economic burden to the U.S. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) wrote in its Feb. 2011, “Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level… The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117... Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion...” ( When the states in the U.S. have to focus on the deficit that is caused by a low level of tax payments by illegal immigrants, they can't focus on developing welfare or programs for the native poor Americans. Obviously, it will...

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