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The Competitive Advantage Of Nations Essay

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In his HBR article: “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”, Michael E. Porter describes how some countries are able to achieve long term national prosperity through the creation of a competitive advantage in certain industries. This prosperity is created through constant innovation and upgrading in the driving industries. Porter does not believe that on a national level labor costs, interest rates and economies of scale; and on a company level mergers, alliances and strategic partnerships are the enabling drivers for a true competitive advantage. He is in favor of a new perspective developed directly out of the research and analysis of internationally successful industries. This ...view middle of the document...

Applying Porter’s four attributes for a nation to develop a competitive advantage to Germany we can see how his theory still holds today.
Factor Conditions: Even though Germany was only ranked 20th in the OECD Pisa accord, the country is able to produce technically highly skilled workers through its apprenticeship programs supplying the Mittelstand companies with an innovative work force. German companies were also aided by a loosening in the labor laws in the late 90’s, given companies more flexibility in adjusting company size to their needs. The German infrastructure is well developed; an excellent road system (Autobahn) and high speed rail system throughout the country allows access to several airports and ports enabling easy export options, permitting the country to become the second largest exporter in the world behind China.
Demand Conditions: German consumers are considered savers in the European Union, but due to its excellent infrastructure system and central location in Europe, Germany is able to export its products and services easily throughout the region, taking full advantage of the free trade agreements of the...

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