The Concept Of Metamorphosis In Life And Literature

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Life is a never-ending metamorphosis. It is always changing, always transforming. Sometimes a change is followed by positive results, but on the darker side, a metamorphosis can lead to damage or suffering. But of course, the concept of metamorphosis can also be related into the wonderful yet unrealistic world of magic and sorcery. Metamorphosis can mean a rapid transformation from one object to another or a distinct or even degenerative change in appearance, personality, condition, or function. The concept of metamorphosis is commonly used in pieces of literature to describe an extreme change in character or form.

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On the other hand, sorcerers could also use their power of metamorphosis to help mankind, create beauty and fulfill ones wishes. Again, the powers of good and evil, positive and negative appear when describing metamorphosis because change can be great or malevolence.

Metamorphosis is a common theme in pieces of literature because the author needs the readers to understand if a character was dynamic or static or in other words, whether a character changed thought the piece or remained the same. If a character underwent great and significant changes throughout a story, then the concept of metamorphosis needs to be implying to reflect changes in appearance, personality or even outlook on life. A character can transform from a nice, kind-hearted soul into a cold, sinister criminal. A physical metamorphosis can occur for example, when a hideous woman is portrayed as the picture of perfection by the end of a story because somehow she had transformed her flaws into beauty. But this idea can go the other way around when something beautiful suddenly loses its appeal...

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