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The Concepts Of Nonmaleficence Essay

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The Concepts of Nonmaleficence, Libertarianism and Dignity in Justice

The concept of Nonmaleficence explains that a person should not inflict evil or cause harm to others. Most consider that it should be the main focus or primary concern not to harm as in to do well. Specifically, society should not cause harm that can be avoidable or harm that is intentional. This includes avoiding the risk of violence. It is important to understand that this principle can be disobeyed with or without intention. Also you do not have to intend harm to violate this principle. In fact, you do not even have to cause harm to someone, if you know or not, subjecting ...view middle of the document...

I believe the libertarian theory is the best theory of justice. The Libertarianism suggests and emphasizes individual liberty as the central and exclusive concern of social justice. According to a just society, Libertarians must give and protect the liberty or freedom of every individual to pursue his/her “desired ends”. Libertarian people are essentially rational, and the kind of life appropriate to rational people requires them to be free to choose their own life and free to pursue them without interference of other people. It may seem that Libertarians should be able to do whatever he or she wants, but really the Libertarian does and has no such view of this way. The Libertarian view is, each person should have the same freedom to pursue his chosen life, that each is obligated to stop himself/herself from getting involved with others in their freedom to pursue their lives, and that the function of the state is only to protect each individual's freedom to pursue his chosen life. The Libertarian understands everyone having certain rights that protect his /her liberty to pursue a desirable way of life. The distinction of Libertarianism is its understanding of the rights that each person has. The libertarian philosopher John Hospers states the basics of libertarian principle in a variety of ways that it may make it simpler for the Libertarian view. He says "The Libertarian Manifesto," reprinted in Justice Alternative Every person is the owner of his own life; no one is the owner of any one else's life, and...Consequently every human being has the right to act in accordance with his own choices, unless those actions infringe on the equal liberty of other human beings to act in accordance with their choices No one is anyone else's master and no one is anyone else's slave. Other men's lives are not yours to dispose of “. The Libertarian favors a certain way in which each person has a right to acquire property, including full "capitalist" rights to have ownership of the way of production and full rights of passing something down. Libertarians make it clear that property rights are an essential way to liberty it is the life of a rational person. Property does not mean only real estate; it includes anything that you can call your own such as a car, clothing, books, jewelry, and papers. The right of property is not the right to take it from others; this would get in the way of their property rights. It is rather the right to work for it, rather than obtain it with force. To deprive people of property is like depriving them of their freedom and the right to do what he/she wishes with their own life and to plan for the future. the rights to some ones Property are what makes”long-range planning” possible, the kind of planning which is distinctively a human achievement.” Without the right to property, the right to life itself amounts to little, how can you manage your life if you cannot plan ahead? And how can you plan ahead if everything you...

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