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The Constitution For All And All For The Constitution....!!

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All the states were connected by the Articles of Confederation but it gave the central government no power. This specific document that would unify our states and make it stronger is the constitution. As a proud federalist I support the constitution because it can provide a strong central government, help protect the people's natural rights and also check and keep our government balanced.We need a strong central government in which the people can contribute and benefit without many problems. Our government became stronger with the help of a unicameral Congress. Congress is able to borrow money, wage war, and create treaties needed to keep the peace ...view middle of the document...

We the people need domestic tranquility. We need to walk outside and trust that our country and we are safe. What we need is a Bill of Rights. We need a Bill of Rights to defend our natural born rights, to maintain our safety and security. We need these written rights to insure us of our life, liberty and our own pursuit of happiness. With the Bill of Rights we are safe and most importantly we have freedom. We have freedom of speech, press, religion, right to a trial by a grand jury and safe from being searched or seized without a warrant. We are safe now, are we not?In order for the people to be secure of their government they need to make sure the government has a system of some form of security. This form of security will reform the way our government acts. It will also benefit the American people because the system; checks and balances will ensure that our government won't turn away our rights. Each branch of government will check each on each other and make sure that everything is going accordingly. Each branch of government will check on the other and make sure that everything will balance out to assist not only the people but the government as well.As a federalist one can only hope that people will acknowledge what a constitution can do for them, how it can defend and protect them. The constitution will ultimately provide a stronger central government. It will also help protect the people's natural born rights. They will be written in the constitution to assure our rights. The constitution will also check and keep our government balanced.

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