The Contrast Of Two Great Short Stories: The Rocking Horse Winner And The Lottery

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I. Introduction
The setting in the stories The Lottery and The Rocking-Horse Winner create an atmosphere where the readers can be easily drawn in by the contrasting features of each short story. This short essay will tell of very important contrasting aspects of settings in that while both stories are different, both hold the same aspects.
a. “The Lottery” is a short story about an event that takes place every year in a small village of New England. When the author speaks of “the lottery” he is referencing the lottery of death; this is when the stoning of a village member must give up his or her life. The villagers gather at a designated area and perform a customary ritual which has ...view middle of the document...

254). The day of the lottery is described as “clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day” (Jackson, p. 250). The scene is being set as happy, upbeat and cheerful by the author’s description of a sunny and peaceful day allowing the readers to believe that the story has a pleasant ending by describing the village buildings, objects and the village itself. As the readers push through the story they come to realize that something barbaric is about to take place. The author of this short story added an effective cover-up of irony.
b. In the setting of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” the author used the real life geographic location of England which helps the setting to become essential; it sets the reader’s experience to events that take place in actuality such as the horse races that occur in modern times. The fact that the horse races are real makes the readers relate to Paul’s character without having to add more content. The story invites readers to oversee the events of a young boy’s supernatural abilities while setting up the struggles of his mother whose heart is indifferent to the care and needs of her child. The author uses descriptions of the family’s exterior dwelling, the servants and gardens to inform the readers of the characters view in terms of need and conflicting means to keep up with their neighbors.

III. Contrast
a. In the story “The Lottery”, the evil in the souls of the villagers is brought out during the lottery. It is more of an evil that is held in rather than hidden. They smile, converse and share until it is time to stone. This evil is practiced once a year for the lottery and takes...

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