The Conventions Of Classic Greek Tragedy Mention The Role Of Thespis, Dionysus The Chorus And The Dithyramb

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Where it all started........The origins of the theatre date back to the fifth century bc, although it has also been argued that the ancient Egyptians may have been conducting there own dramas as early as 3ooobc there is no hardcore evidence that this is true, as said by Aristotle a crowning of a king is a firm reality not an imitation and a play is an imitation of an action [drama] not an action its self. The theatre however derives from religious acts or worship i.e. deaths, births and even resurrection these were preformed by priests who would of wore animal skins to perform the ritchuals and The word drama is Greek for action, related to the verb dran 'to do'. So if it is ever revealed ...view middle of the document...

Who Was Thespis..........The earliest plays that we still have today were performed by the chorus and just two actors. Before that, there were plays that were performed by a chorus and only one actor. The first actor that we know about was called Thespis. Thespis invented the idea of an actor to introduce a play, and help the chorus tell the story, by speaking with the chorus leader. We know that Thespis won the prize in the very first drama competition, which was held in Athens in about 534 BC. Leaving Icaria his birth place with his chorus they set of in a wooden cart that could be transfigured from floor and tailboard into an improvised stage as so they could be versatile and spontaneous to deliver there dramas and go on to the next city he maneuvered from various festivals throughout Greece until he reached the city of Dionysia and won his award but this is not the only thing that makes Thespis a truly remarkable man he was the first person to defy the priests or kings of his time a revolutionist taking on roles in his play as god's this is what he dared to do in front of the priests and kings of his time who were the only people who had the right to do this. Normally there would probably be great punishment for committing this sort of defiance but over ruled by the office of state as defiance.Thespis was now to set the way to actors all over and the name Thespis is still used today in regards to actors as Thespians "and the theatrical costumes that they wear as the robes of Thespis".Dionysus..........Dionysus (or Bacchus), god of wine, grape harvest and fermentation.Dionysus was the only Olympian who was told to have mortal parent.Semele demanded Zeus to show her his true form no mortal being could possibly bear this sight, So Zeus appeared before Semele in all his majesty, and immediately she burnt to ashes. But her unborn child was saved: Zeus is said to have kept the fetus in his thigh until it could be born. 76A god of drunkenness and pleasure Dionysus punished...

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