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The Conversion Of Magdalene Essay

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The Conversion of Magdalene is a profound piece of art painted by a man named Bernardino Luini (1475-1533) of Italy. Having been delineated with oil paint onto canvas, the painting was able to appear three-dimensional and achieve a more realistic look. Mary Magdalene is portraying a worldly woman of sin. The light that radiates upon her is not really coming from any particular direction and yet ignites her face and breasts in a glowing fashion. This light is meant to bring focus on Magdalene's features and her conversion to purity. Her fashionable hairdo, the ovular shaped gem across her breasts, the bit of cleavage shown and the make-up on her face depicts worldliness and sin. The look on Mary's face is a soft, relaxed look, full of peace within her conversion, while Martha has a face of persuasion and distress as to coax ...view middle of the document...

The Date of origin of this art is unknown but suspected about the 15th century. Tempera was the source of beauty in this case. Tempera isachieved by mixing the pigments with water, egg yolks and sometimes glue. In Latin this word means to mix in due proportion. Tempera colors are bright and translucent. The one downfall is that it dries quickly, so it must be mixed correctly. The Piece of art is of one woman holding little baby Jesus while the other two pray over him and worship him. One of the women, probably being Jesus' mother is dressed in a gown representing the blood of Jesus in its color. The setting is probably an earthy place because of the red and white roses that lie in the background. The red roses can be said to symbolize martyrdom and the white roses are ones of purity. The three angels or saints all have halos on them that seem to reflect the light of each. The little bird in Jesus' right hand is a Goldfinch. The Goldfinch during the renaissance could be interpreted as passion. Upon the head of theGoldfinch was is the blood of Jesus. In proving this passion, the small bird extracted a thorn out of Jesus' head while he carried the cross to Calvary.Both these pieces of work were obviously religion orientated. The clothing on the two were similar also especially the wearing of the red gowns to symbolize the blood of Christ. There was a difference in the way the artists used the light to portray something different. In the Conversion the light was radiated upon Mary to show her worldly features and in the Madonna, the light was not really portraying much to me except it was reflecting off the vibrant Halos on each of the woman and little Jesus.To me, I think I like pieces of art from the later Renaissance because of the detail that was able to be put into the masterpieces.Also I think the oil that came about in the later Renaissance was able to bring the picture to life and was easily shaded more to obtain the realistic look.

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