The Correlation Between Education And Participation Or Interest In Politics

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Does level of education affect political participation? This is not something that is new to the realm of academia, nor is it a concept that stirs up much controversy. It is however a topic which many have approached from different angles. They vary in research, method and in what they seek to prove, but are unified by the correlation between education and political participation. Education is defined as the level of formal education or skills training received. Political participation is the level that an individual contributed to a democratic system, such as voting, researching a political issue or participating in a political party. While this is the main relationship that this ...view middle of the document...

With this greater understand of both the concepts and the importance of political participation, people are likely to see value in becoming politically involved.
Kam and Palmer offer one of the greatest modern criticisms of the education and political participation relationship. Through the use of Holland’s research (1986) they claim that not only is political engagement influenced by parental factors and pre-adult decisions, but also educational attainment does not have any effect on political engagement (Kam and Palmer, 2008). This threatened to overturn a consensus that had stood for years, until fundamental flaws within their research came to light, overturning their findings (Mayer, 2011). The random groups that had been used within Kam and Palmer’s research turned out to have some obvious biases contained within them that skewed the results. When these biases were eliminated and the control and test groups more equally chosen, the results were synonymous with the previous academic consensus (Mayer, 2011).
One of the common arguments brought up to challenge the relationship of education and political engagement is in regards to race, as rates of political participation among the white population is higher than that of other races in the United States. This once again can be linked back to education, as there is a disproportionate amount of Anglo-whites in the USA with degrees (Verba, 1993). Race and gender along with any other proposed causal variable cannot be tested accurately. Experiments that use variables contrary to education do not seem to hold (Mayer, 2011). This is likely because people are not only a member of a race and gender, but are also members of different groups, classes and socioeconomic positions. This makes a factor such as race, not only impossible to test, but arguably unimportant in comparison to other factors.
A variable that makes a measurable difference to level of political participation, outside of education is that of income. Income as defined as annual personal income, the amount earned in a given year, does have a positive affect on political participation (Frey, 1971; Russell, 1972). Advocates of income as the casual variable see the types of occupations of higher earning individuals as conducive to political participation. This is...

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