The Costs Of War Essay

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America is at War. Some are in support of it, and others oppose it. It matters not which side is taken, because the American people pay for the war. Every person that pays taxes on American soil has a hand in funding those troops sent over to protect democracy from terrorism. Whether the American people agree with it or not they have the responsibility of paying for the war. But at the same time, the people have a right to know what they are paying for. The first cost of War is obviously the needs and necessities of those troops whom are sent onto the battlefield to fight. Basic needs like; food, water and shelter. The first thing a soldier in the field needs is food and water. These ...view middle of the document...

The military must pay for the production of these items. Although they get them mass produced and the military receives them at reduced cost. The cost of supplying the thousands of soldiers stationed over seas for the conflict in Iraq, can reach over 9 billion dollars. The next cost is that of the all the vehicles, guns and artillery that is required to maintain a winning campaign. In order to supply the military with all the vehicles, boats guns and other supplies needed to fight then American industry must put extra effort into the production of these needed items. This will create more jobs for those in need of employment during these times of slow economic movement. Though the war is ongoing, the contracts for war preparation were auctioned off long before the fighting began. These contracts mean jobs.War is known to give boost to the economy. This, many say, may be one of the driving forces for America to go to war and in time of slumping economic times. Is Bush going to war in order to bring the economy back to working order. Some believe...

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