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The Creation Of Myth Surrounding Stalin

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Assignment 03
Part 1 Stalin

What does the source tell us about the creation of myth surrounding Stalin?

Joseph Stalin was not just a figurehead of state but a man of many contrasts. Through propaganda and oppression he made himself he made his image to be the unquestionable and if he was questioned by anyone he could and would eradicate them to protect his persona that he created. Stalin succeeded Lenin after his death and needed to set himself aside from Lenin, he cold not just continue after Lenin died but he needed to be different. However extreme his actions where.
It was well known the distrust Lenin had for Stalin he often referred to him as a bully and he didn't want him as ...view middle of the document...

The myths surrounding Stalin built him to be a great man, a man who was leading the nation of someone who was taking care of his nation and you could put your trust in his decisions as believed so many had. Where myth created out of fear of this man and his brutal ways or where people so greatly misjudging what where thought views of the communist party and nation? The passage I feel does make me feel one sided however much propaganda where Stalin is depicted as a father figure taking care of his nation even being referred to a “uncle joe” and altered documents from the era i look at as we have so much fact to go on from the creation of the gulag camps where millions of people where exiled to 2/3rd’s of the voters from the 17th congress be executed or simply go missing within the next 3 years after the 17th congress.

Comparison of two poems
The Oxen

Published near christmas time in the first word war a turbulent time in England’s history. It begins by setting a very cosy christmas scene of a tale being told to small children. A tale of a specific time of year where the symbolism of imagery to the Oxen is special because of the history of the manger in a stable for baby Jesus the Ox would know this every Christmas eve and kneel at midnight so the tale would tell.
Words such as “embers” “hearthside” “elders” are very cosy words to set this childhood scene of sitting around a fireplace being regaled these tales by elder folk.
The way this poem is written uses very simple language, it feels like a child is reading the first part of the poem.
The second paragraph feels of naiveness lost as a adult “nor did it occur too one of us there to doubt they were kneeling then” how could they believe this as a child. This section of the poem creates a bit of a sense of struggle because they want to believe but no longer can or maybe want to..

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