The Crest And Crashing Of Ownership

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Whether one owns something or not, seriously affects how they will treat it. However, it is also argued that moral behavior reflects how one handles things such as, property or responsibilities. Not only does owning property or moral behavior affect property, owning property also says something about the person themselves. So much goes into owning and buying property such as the emotional pride and responsibility one feels that comes with it. Though there is empowerment in ownership the individual must show responsibility to pay for it or they will find themselves in debt. Psychologically, ownership affects people on a very emotional scale, from how they treat their property, to an ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, if an individual does not gain anything from using an institution or any product where they cannot benefit from the condition of it, they will have no other incentive to treat it nice. Ownership affects not only how one treats what they own, but also influences products a consumer may buy.
Ads use the property an individual owns as a foot hold to sell them more products. The Rolex ad in The Reader is aimed at owners with more expensive houses (340). Rolex itself is a status symbol of wealth, so wearing Rolex usually indicates that a person is doing well or in an upper class. Whereas, John Deere is more for owners with yards who take care of their yards themselves (341). “A man’s home is his castle,” John Deere seriously supports this claim as it gives the individual the tools to take care of their “castle”. The instant coffee ad appeals to the owners who are more middle and upper class (342). These owners tend to have the ability to buy this particular coffee because it helps people and they get what they need. However, the upper class could get someone to brew fresh coffee and the lower class could care less about which instant coffee they get. Ownership determines a lot from the pride a person feels to who they vote for.
Naomi Klein, a Canadian journalist, wrote how Margaret Thatcher, part of Britain’s Tory party, used the concept of ownership to appeal to the public. Thatcher allowed consumers to buy houses at cheaper prices, the only problem was if the consumer did not become a home owner their rent were doubled thus, leading to a dramatic increase in homelessness (Klein 332). Seen from her stand point, Thatcher accomplished her goal. She was trying to get people to think like home owners therefore, voting for her particular party that helped home owners. Thatcher was successfully able to psychologically get the public to come to her side through ownership, as under handed as it may have been. “The castle,” a man’s dwelling, his home makes one want to protect what they have. Thatcher used this natural response for what belongs to an individual to be protected to power her campaign. To protect what an individual owns, their best bet would be voting for her political party. Ownership can bring about positive emotions such as assurance and changing a mind set to think to more responsibly, but negative feelings can emanate from ownership as well.
Pride, confidence, and self-accomplishment are some positive emotions directly linked with ownership. But, there are very negative ones as well. Christine Dugas a personal finance reporter for USA today (Dugas 336), wrote about the perils of ownership and...

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