The Crimean War. This Is A Look At The Events Which Lead Up To The Crimean War

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Russia was known as one of the most powerful countries in Europe before the Crimea War. They had been able to put down many revolts in their country such as, the Decembrist Revolt, The Polish Revolt and The Hungarian Revolt. The Russians also thought they were a military power because they 'defeated' the French when Napoleon invaded. This all proved that they were still a powerful nation. Because of Russia's superpower status, they felt the need for more land. Russia pushed into its eastern and southern borders. Yet, in its time becoming a superpower Russia had gained many enemies, one of which was France. Louis Napoleon, the nephew of the great Napoleon Bonaparte, was still very upset that they ...view middle of the document...

Of course, the Sultan denied Nicholas's request. Because of that Nicholas sent troops to both Moldavia and to Walachia. The Sultan then declared war on Russia in October of 1853.Austria and Prussia, with the help of the British and French, write the Vienna Note. This document said that Russia must leave Moldavia and Walachia and Turkey. The battle of Sinope in November 1853 caused Britain to help France in destroying Russia's war machine. Britain was frightened by the way that Russia had run over the Turks. Anglo-French forces entered the Black sea in 1854. Russia did not comply with any demands of the French, British, Turkish, or Austrians. The Anglo-French forces then started invading the Crimean peninsula. The Russians were already fortified because the peninsula belonged to them. After many tries the Anglo-French forces succeed in piercing into the land of the peninsula and fought the Battle of Alma. They beat they the Russians on their own land. The Anglo-French were ready to attack the Russians, but instead the Russians attack them at Balaclava. The Russians were beat back to Sevastopol, Where they were defeated.Russia signed the Treaty of Paris in 1856, which ended the war. Russia lost much of its gleam as the greatest military power in Europe. They also were not able to rebuild Sevastopol. The Black Sea was destroyed and no Russian warships were allowed through the BosphorusThe defeat in the Crimea was so surprising and embarrassing for the Russians because they thought they were the best military power in Europe. Their friends, Britain and Austria, had betrayed them. They had lost their great Black Sea fleet. They were now beatable.

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