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The Criminal Justice System As Entertainment Critique

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April 6, 2011
The purpose of this paper is to try to depict how America views the criminal justice system through entertainment. Two segments from Law and Order SVU were viewed. Segment one, a rape victim, Vicki, (portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt) is brought into the hospital initially claiming the same man has attacked her multiple times. Detectives Benson and Stabler are determined to help her, but she lives in such terror that she then denies she has been raped at all and refuses to submit to a rape kit. The other segment is the investigation into the death of a young boy who appears to be the victim of a ritualistic ...view middle of the document...

In Las Angeles, California, she was raped again. Detective Benson goes on a crusade to help other law enforcement officers round up the rape kits for Vicki’s case and in California she finds that Vicki’s rape kit that had sat on a shelf for 10 years. Back in New York, the judge threw out the evidence based on this aspect of the rape kit. At this point, it seemed that Vicki would be another victim that was lost by the system and the rapist was allowed to go free based on the statues of limitations. This sent a message that the victims did not matter and that it was okay to commit crimes because the system had insurmountable backlogs of rape kits. The criminal’s motive to continue raping Vicki and the other woman was conflicting. He raped women who he was associated with in his profession, a medical instrument rep, which was in his comfort zone. His attitude towards woman was again, conflicting. At one instance, he tells Detective Benson that he hates all woman and they all should be treated the same but once confronted with Vicki and realizing he has been collard for the rape he begs Vicki to change her mind and tells her that he loves her and he did not mean to hurt her. It was not until new evidence of kidnapping was discovered; because the criminal had dated a roll of duct tape, he used to tie Vicki up during her second rape. Vicki may not have received justice for being raped but her attacker was charged and sentenced to 25 years for kidnapping.
During segment two, police officers, Detective Benson and Stabler, are dumb founded when they discover a boy butchered in a ritual fashion. The system is portrayed as a slow moving process as it always is. A priest who practices a form of voodoo who becomes the prime suspect in the little boys’ murder stalls the two...


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