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The Critical Race Theory: Examination Of Minority Involvement In The Canadian Criminal Justice Sys

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The Critical Race Theory: Examination of Minority Involvement in the Canadian Criminal Justice System

The Canadian population can be characterized as a multicultural and diverse system of individuals. There is little doubt that certain minority groups posses a lifestyle and pattern of behavior inviting conflict or confrontation with the police (Fleras & Elliot, 1996). In light of this confrontation, an increase can be seen in the number of Black individuals killed in comparison to Caucasian individuals by Canadian police officers. Specifically, in 1996 the Black Action Defence Committee of Toronto noted that there were more shootings of Black civilians in Toronto than in some ...view middle of the document...

Systemic racism, or when racism is built into the fabric of any institution, operates within any given system independently (an example would be the police in the early 1970's: a cohort of male white officers began). Each of these cases at hand show the components of systemic racism, and act as a narrative useful in tracing the shooting deaths of Black citizens by police officers in Canada during the R.D.S case (Aylward, A.C. 1999). Each predominant case used by Glasbeek in his 1995 report to the commission depicts the manifestations of systemic racism within the police forces(Aylward, A.C. 1999). In using social context as a precursor, the Critical Race Theory becomes a tool to describe the negligent and fatal actions of white officers in Canada.

A jury system permits an accused to be tried by his peers, and remains an important part of citizen participation, as recognized in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Fleras & Elliot, 1996). Jury trials are held at the superior court level, and jurors are selected according to the Jurors act. Peremptories, and challenging for cause allow some potentially bad or incapable jurors to be excused, however any questions posed to potential jurors are required to have an "air of reality" (Fleras & Elliot, 1996). In the jury system, once formed and directed by the court during trial, a judge can not overturn a verdict and an appeal must be filed to have the verdict put aside.

In 1990 in Scarborough, Ontario a black youth, Marlon Neil was shot by Const. Rapson in Toronto for refusing to stop, and then for refusing to get out of his car. Even though the young man was unarmed at the time, the police were not convicted of his murder. Another white male officer, David Deviney shot Lester Donaldson, and again, Donaldson was unarmed when killed, but officers were acquitted of all charges. In every case cited the...

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