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Many people throughout history have fallen to the seduction of power, a very tempting and alluring concept. George Washington, Napoleon, and Hitler are just a few of these particular people who have absorbed themselves in the appeal of power. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, several characters display the same characteristics of these famous leaders. Throughout the entire play, Abigail becomes insanely obsessed with milking power from her past, adulterous affair with John Proctor so she can be seen as superior to the other villagers. Her uncle also finds the need to control an entire town which he accomplishes by becoming their Puritan minister. Another power-hungry member of Salem is ...view middle of the document...

She decides she can do this by framing Elizabeth to taking part in witchcraft and then charging her in court which prompts an investigation. Even though her charade gets completely out of hand, she cannot find it in her heart to stop convicting people of signing with the Devil until Elizabeth is dead. Once she achieves her goal, she will finally be at ease and respected, despite the terrible things she had to do to get there.
Abigail’s uncle, Reverend Parris, is not so different than his niece in some respects. Before ruling over the Puritan congregation of Salem, Parris had lived in Barbados as a wealthy and successful merchant. For him, though, this had not been enough; he had left his luxurious life in Barbados behind, and moved north to Massachusetts. Here he had become the Reverend of Salem and finally finds himself in a position of power. In Barbados, though he had been successful, he did not truly have power over people. That deficiency is obliterated upon him becoming one of Salem’s most powerful people, a church figure. Through this role in the society of Salem, Parris soon discovers he can obtain anything he wants. Some people are greatly irked by his abuse of power as he demands more money for wood, and orders golden candlesticks made. Proctor justifies this by saying, “But Parris came, and for twenty week he preach nothin’ but golden candlesticks until he had them (Act 2, Page 65).” According to Proctor, Parris did nothing for twenty weeks, but require golden candlesticks be placed upon his alter. When Parris finally arrives in his much desired position of power, he makes full of use of it by manipulating his lesser to acquire all his desires.
Throughout the play, it becomes evident that the Putnams are a very eminent family. This reputation is true in not only Salem, but other parts of the province as well. When Reverend Hale first enters the play, he lays eyes upon Mr. Putnam and declares that he did not expect such distinguished company (Act 1, Page 37). Despite the...

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