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The Culture Of A Company Essay

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Because there are no two organizational cultures alike, there are no prototypes on how to lead them from one organization to another. This means that in order to lead properly one must adapt to the situation before him/her. By observing how an organization works one could perform a cultural analysis. This would map out were the organization is culturally and how you could lead them to were you want them to be. Leading is essentially motivating people to what your want them to while maintaining enthusiasm. In some situation this is done more efficiently than in others. Take for instance a company that is run like a dictatorship, and orders are ...view middle of the document...

By giving the employees the ability to have a say in the major decisions, they may become more empowered and perform at a higher level.The culture of a company also develops norms with which the individuals operate. These norms are like the unspoken rules of an organization. They may include how employees? take breaks or even how often they can call in sick. As a leader you do not want your employees to resent you and you do not want them to under perform as well. So in a situation where breaks and days off are enforced laxly, a company?s employees may be happier but their production will be a lot lower. An efficient leader in this situation will try to manipulate the norms of this company to try and get productions levels up. If this culture has been the same for a long time then it will be more difficult to craft a new one that works more efficiently. One could approach this problem by rewarding those that have the best attendance and by setting an example through one?s own attendance. This could gradually change the way employees view time away from work and nurture them into performing how you want them to.Manipulating a situation so it works in your favor may sound bad, but it can be the key in crafting a culture so that it works at an optimal level. When a leader effectively manipulates an organization?s culture so that it is performing at high level, everyone benefits. Through effectively leading, employees and managers alike get more rewards because more goals are hit when people are operating on the same page.

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