The Cure Or The Disease? Essay

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The Cure or the Disease?

Genetically Speaking: The Cure or the Disease?

World Hunger today or world hunger tomorrow is the question that faces us today. We have to understand the problem we are facing.
As the human population approaches the 7 billion mark and still continues to grow at an exponential rate, agricultural experts asked whether the world can continue to produce enough food for everyone. . . . people in many developing countries such as China and India are becoming wealthier and are eating a richer diet, including more meat, which requires more cropland to produce.( Turk, J., & Bensel, T. 2011)
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The primary issue is we have not even attempted to study the ecosystem impact. The lack of information on the impact on insects cannot be ignored. We do not know end result of their deaths or ingestion of the genetically engineered foods. The small sample size shows that they are either killed for deterred. If we take this at face value the food is plentiful. We are using less land. This allows us to make even more food. The insects merely are move on to different food sources. The issue is that the insect may ingest the food. This could cause some genetic changes in them that would cause some unknown issues. These could be killing off the insect which may cause a vacuum in the biosphere that may not be able to be easily filled. We need to understand that these products are not one time fixes. Ed Young found:
Wholesale Bt spraying is a crude technique than the specific and targeted use of Bt-engineered crops. It means that the surrounding land is also covered in the bacteria and creatures other than pests are exposed to its entire gamut of toxins. And because farmers need constant supplies of the bacteria, it soaks up more money. (Yong, Ed (April 19, 2009) )
There is also the affect that the insect would become more robust. While these insect today are resisted, future insects may not. They may even eat more food and more varieties which in time could cause a major change in the ecosystem.
Short term benefit could mean long term hassle. Mass production with efficient methods could be good for everyone. We have to be aware of the long term benefits. We have to make sure to proceed carefully.
We need to look at how the human body processes these foods. These are distributed throughout the body in different ways. The issue is that genetically speaking we don’t know how the biochemical interactions will progress. The food will fill stomachs around the world but the question is does it truly nourish the body. ...

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