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The Current Dalai Lama And His Impacts

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The current Dalai Lama and his impacts
Buddhism originated in India and spread primarily through Asia. Now, it has become a worldwide religion, such as, the Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism has already established many communities of immigrant Tibetans in California, Colorado, New York, Hawaii, Switzerland, France, and Great Britain. Also, museums regularly acquire and show Tibetan Buddhist art (Molloy, 2008). Why does Tibetan Buddhism draw so much attention at present? One of reasons is the current Dalai Lama who has a significant impact on the people around the world.
Who is “Dalai Lama” and why does he have such a significant impact on the people around the world? A religious reform ...view middle of the document...

Unlike those radical religious organizations, the Tibetan Buddhism often speaks out against aggression. Go through centuries of Buddhism, it has the tradition of rejecting violence. It encourages its followers to keep up the path of peace, both in their external behaviors and internal lives. Also, Tibetan Buddhism clearly refers to violence will harm the agent mentally. Therefore, cases of murder, suicide, self-sacrifice, warfare, and other types of violence will be seen as illegitimate within Buddhist discourse so long as they are carried out by people can undertake them with generating harmful mental attitudes (Maher, 2008).
Meanwhile, the current Dalai Lama points out if people believe they do not get what they want (even it is wrong); they often try to strike back to get even doing worse. Thus, he encourages people to refuse to strike back in anger or retaliation. His practice of nonviolence over many decades has witness to the Buddhism’s tradition of training the mind to overcome afflictive emotions (Lefebure, 2005). In summary, the current Dalai Lama’s attitude toward violence gives positive impacts on the people because most people want peace but not violence in their life.
Second, the current Dalai Lama points out, it is significant for people to understand the nature of interdependence among various religions. That is people should know differences among various religions. He refers to every religious tradition in the world has a complex and shifting relationship to its neighbor religions. In history, there have been many moments of borrowing, of learning, of critically appropriating practices of other religion’s paths and incorporating them into its own religion. He also refers to the great disaster of religious relationships is that people often have not been able to accept diversity among various religions, and thus result in conflicts which lead to misunderstandings, bias and prejudice, animosity and hatred (Lefebure, 2005).
Meanwhile, the current Dalai Lama has prudently cautioned not to be too quick to judging other religions. He uses the example of the Buddha who taught in different ways at different times to point out differences is inevitable. Also, he has proposed, “we can have a conception of truth that is multidimensional”. He believes that various religions share a common goal of “producing a human being who is a fully realized, spiritually mature, good, and warm-hearted person”; and the aim or purpose of each religion is the same: “to cure the pains and unhappiness of the human mind” (Lefebure, 2005). Therefore, there is not an insufferable gulf among various religions.
Moreover, the current Dalai Lama recognizes that there is such a wide diversity among people around the world. There is no one approach will be adequate for the distinctive needs of all people. In other words, no one religion can satisfy all the people’s needs. Therefore, he encourages people to enter into dialogue with other religious traditions. At...

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