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Undoubtedly the Dalai Lama is revered by many different societies and by eastern and western worlds; as a spiritual leader and as a man of substance.
At the very beginning of the passage, there is a reference to a ‘white horse’, which starts to paint a picture of something ‘pure’, ‘clean’, ‘something unblemished’ which this quite fitting for someone of his status and stature and the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhist faith.
The Dalai Lama’s reputation of a great thinker is shown undoubtedly in the passage, where his spent the day with his close advisers on the 18th December. Whilst reading the passage, I get the sense that a decision to leave Tibet was not an easy decision for the Dalai Lama. Firstly, being captured by Red Army would have signified to the Tibetan people the possible downfall of the Tibetan Buddism faith and secondly, ...view middle of the document...

At these stops, the Dalai Lama, would bless his devotees, which, they felt would bring great blessings to them. I can see that the Dala Lama’s reputation as a significant spiritual leader is apparent and as I stated at the start of this paragraph, his followers have total respect for him.
The Dalai Lama’s reputation as a thoughtfulness leader is also shown in the passage of text where he leaves “much-needed” monetary offerings to his subjects on his travels to Yatung for services they provided like “tea stops / overnight stops”. In doing this, it shows to his followers; that his in-touch with their needs and that he understand their hardships and rewards them for the commitment. But whilst I read this, their devotion to the Tibetan Budisim faith is resilient to whatever challenges are brought to them and even actions like the Dalai Lama’s “sleeping in a room in a private house, as he often did, that room could never be used by ordinary beings but was preserved as a shrine” undoubtedly shows there undoubted devotion for not only the Dalai Lama; but for the Tibetan Buddhism faith as a whole.
It is clear to see that the Tibetan Buddhism belief’s reputation hinges on the core values of the faith itself and from the prominent figure of the Dalai Lama and his teachings. The Dalai Lama has the admiration of his followers and they have bestowed the standing of a “God-King”.This standing has been built up by many forms and one being the belief of reincarnation; with the current Dala Lama (Lhamo Dhondup) who was discovered by the high Lama’s and the Nechung Oracle (the official seer of Tibet) via meditation and other means. In essence, the reputation of the Dalai Lama from western and eastern eye’s is that he is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, who’s core beliefs and spiritual awareness is paramount to his teachings and even to the non-believer, he is a man of great stature and importance.

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