The Danger Of Fluoridated Water Essay

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The pleasant fact that the an individual will do harmful things to themselves and feel good about it

proves the mental state and the mentality of a majority of many. An individual will spend all the time given in

order to acquire a certain set of skills but an individual can never truly acquire those skills equally there will

always be a weakness yet there will always be a strength. The term individual simply means one or by thyself

sure the life of an individual is part of many but the lives of many are individual we live together but we

perish alone in the end. Is fluoridated water healthyor unhealthy for the human body? Fluoridated water is

not healthy for the body. ...view middle of the document...

There is even more proof to effectively show that

flouride is not good for anyone.

There's a gland called the pineal gland this gland is a cone shaped gland that's part of the endocrine

system this gland produces several important hormomones including melatonin the pineal gland

converts nerve signals into hormomone signals it's located between the cerebral hemispheres as stated by

neurosurgeons. This gland is responsible for a very important hormomone out of a list of seven the hormone

melatonin is responsible for your body's sleep and wake cycle basically it tells your body when to go to sleep

melatonin also has a strong influence on the regulation of puberty in females. This horome protects the body

from cell damage caused by free ridicals. Free radicals are found every where and in all living things and

all materials around us they cause age relates illnesses and contribute to heart attracts,strokes,and cancers.

Free radicles are unpaired electrons they are reactive cells and cause damage to any molecule that it touches.

It has a huge influence in the aging of cells as an individual ages the cells get weaker and free radicles slowly

take over and kill the good cells as a result an individual gets old as cells die and as cells die the process

of free radicles speed up and cause death to happen faster than it other wise would. Keep in note that

the pineal gland protects the body from this.

It was discovers by British scientists Jennifer Luke that flouride builds at its highest levels in the pineal

gland this scientists found that flouride reduces melatonin levels by as highs as 70%. This gland is one of the

most crucial parts of the brain and all of the great effect that this gland does for us goes into void due

to the fact that consuming floride every tine a drink of water is taken or when an individual brushes their

teeth is very sad that the aging of many speeds up on a regular basis.

There's more in depth evidence that backs the opinion that fluoridated water is not healthy. There is

legitimate proof that children in the United States are reaching puberty at earlier ages than in previous

generations. This increases things such as breast cancer by as high as 50%. Due to the fact that

flouride slows the secretion of melatonin is also causes a rapid increase in sexual maturity. Which

has a long list or consequences such as in reversible hormomone imbalances during puberty. Flouride

the displacement of iodine in the body. A throyid imbalance then happens in the body. This hormomone

is responsible for the mtabolism of an individual and also the way energy is used. The most important

fact of this hormomone is that it's crucial for the development of the brain during the first three

years if life. If enough of this hormomone isn't present a disability may happen to the child...

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